The Most Important Steps You Need to Follow when Choosing a Bath


Because the bath is such an important and prominent feature in the bathroom and because it comes down to a considerable investment, it’s imperative that you consider several issues before settling on a preference. But where do you begin? What style do you like? And, with all the different alternatives out there, how do you narrow down your choices? Here is a list of six important steps to follow when choosing your bath:

  1. Think about the size

When it comes to size, two important issues have to be taken into consideration: the size of the bathroom and the size of the person who is going to enjoy the hot soak. The bath needs to be small enough for the room, but big enough so a large person can comfortably sit and stretch out their legs. Make a floor plan of the bathroom and measure carefully.

  1. Remember who it’s for

If you are the type who likes to lie down for an hour, even longer, at the end of a hard working day and soak your troubles away, then a spacious single ended bath may suffice. Will couples use it? Then go for double ended baths. If the bath will mostly be used for showers, then a smaller version might do the trick. Think about the user first.

  1. Consult a plumber

Before running off to see the different styles of baths, check with your plumber to see which one is possible for your bathroom. They might also be able to give you advice on which materials to use, and what features you should be able to install.

  1. Consider the material

Baths can be made from different materials, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Cast iron baths are more expensive but durable. Porcelain is heavy but corrosion-resistant. Marble looks elegant but may chip. Carron baths are durable and strong, and better at heat retention. Choose a material with frequency of use and budget in mind.

  1. Select the style

Think about the bathroom and its colour and style – and match the bath to the bathroom unless you’re willing to redecorate and match the room to the bath. Modern? Classic? Sleek? Elegant? Take your time.

  1. Don’t forget extra features

Some baths come with decorative tiles, others offer the possibility of installing handrails or holding bars. There are hand showers or fixed showerheads, cup or bar holders…The list goes on. Don’t forget to consider extra features and see if your bath can accommodate those.

There is a wide variety of baths out there, and with an overwhelming amount of colours, styles and materials, it can be hard to narrow your choices and select the one that fits you best. Following these six steps will certainly help point you in the right direction. It doesn’t hurt also to look for the best bathroom deals you can find – there are certainly a lot out there if you know where to look.



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