Planning for and Choosing Your Freestanding Bath

Planning for and Choosing Your Freestanding Bath

One of the most popular trends in bathroom remodelling projects is the inclusion of a freestanding bath. You should develop a budget, make a plan for how you want the new bathroom to look, and then begin the process of exploring what options you have for this type of bath. Let’s take a look at how to plan for including a freestanding bath in your bathroom and how to choose the best one for your individual needs.

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  1. Set your budget. Keep in mind that a freestanding bath can be a bit more expensive than a traditional bath but the ambiance that it adds to your bathroom and the enjoyment that you will get from it make it well worth the price. In your budget you will have to include the cost for any additional carpentry and plumbing. Also, since your freestanding bath will be a focal point, the taps that you buy should be as elegant as the bath.
  2. Next you will have to determine the amount of space that you’ll need for your bath and any special flooring that will be required around it. Since the flooring immediately around the bath will have water on it, pay special attention to the flooring that you buy. Tile can be expensive and slippery as you try to get out of the bath, so make adjustments for those issues. If you have a large window in your bathroom, it might be the ideal location for your bath if you have room, and can maintain your privacy. Be sure to measure the pathway of entry that the bath will take through your home on its way to the bathroom. This can impact the decision that you make about the size of your freestanding bath.
  3. The most enjoyable part of planning for a new freestanding bath is to actually begin shopping for what you want. Choose from cast iron, synthetics, acrylic from Cut My Plastic, or stone composites. Try to choose the style of bath that matches the look you want to have. Contemporary or traditional are two of your top styles from which to choose. Freestanding baths can also lend themselves to providing your bathroom with a nostalgic look. Make your choice of materials based on the durability and the amount of time that it will take to clean the bath. If you shop online, carefully peruse the details and specifications about the bath that you like so that you can see if it fits your needs and the size of your bathroom.
  4. Ask your supplier to recommend an experienced tradesman to install the bath for you. Have your plumber and carpenter do any necessary work ahead of the installation and also make sure that your bath is delivered prior to the installation date. A reputable supplier will have a list of experts who know exactly how to install the bath that you purchased. Make sure that they have help getting the tub from where it was delivered at your home to the bathroom where it will be installed.

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