What Aging Parents Want From Their Adult Children


As a large section of the population in the United States continues to go gray, the reality of caring for aging parents is becoming a real issue for many families. Great developments in medicine have made it possible for many people today to live long and productive lives, with many people living into their 90s and even to 100. This is an unprecedented change in the social landscape of our society, and it’s one that is taking a lot of adjustment on the part of senior citizens as well as on their adult children.

What Seniors Need From Their Children

The aging process, even for those who stay healthy and vital in their later years, brings on many unexpected feelings and experiences in people. Older parents may realize that their relationship with their adult children has shifted in a subtle way, as senior parents leave the work force and feel themselves slowly slowing down physically and mentally, too. Elderly parents need their children’s help more as they age, and they need to have this help offered in a way that is kind, caring and patient.

Giving Time and Giving Care

The needs of a senior parent can be enormous once they become less physically able to take care of themselves and the regular responsibilities of life. Initially, they may need an adult child to help them manage their business responsibilities like paying bills and running errands. After that they may need help with getting groceries and getting to medical appointments regularly. As a senior deals with physical problems associated with aging, they may also need more help just getting around during the day, taking in meals regularly and taking medications. A senior parent will need their adult children to help them take care of these tasks regularly, and offer their concern and patience as they do.

Calling in Professional Help

For some families, it may become impossible for an adult child to give their parent all the care they need, especially if they become infirm and unable to take care of themselves on a daily basis. In these cases, it may be wise for the adult children to arrange with a professional service, like CarePilot, that can provide caring and professional in-home care or other services for the care of an elderly parent.

More than anything, an elderly parent needs to know they are still loved, cared for and listened to by their adult children. The process of aging can be a lonely one if adult children aren’t sensitive to the realities of aging. Families who plan ahead for a senior family member’s care, and take on the process with real love and attention, can deal with the process with a minimum of stress, and a happy feeling about the welfare of a parent.

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