Tips For Preparing For An Outside Catering Event


The food, drink, and service are some of the most critical elements of an event. Even the most beautifully decorated venue and fancy entertainment cannot compensate for bad catering. It is why most organisers in Sydney opt to hire catering services to handle the necessary details. Catering an outside event comes with its share of troubles, which you must be ready to tackle to ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible. Preparation is key when dealing with an outdoors location because you are working outside your normal settings. Here’s how to pull off outside catering successfully.

Get Familiar with the Setting

Learning the most about the location of an event will make it less challenging to offer satisfactory services. The caterer should know beforehand where to set up everything needed for the party. If there will be a truck, know the proper place to park it so that it is easy to access during the event. You have to find the most suitable paths for the catering team to use when serving guests and avoid people tripping over tree branches or taking too long to deliver food. If the catering company is handling the whole party set up, then knowing intricate details about the location will allow you to create the ideal theme for the event.

Brace for the Weather

Check the weather updates in advance, so you know what to expect on that day. Ensure all contingencies are in place for the guests and your catering team. If you anticipate rain or showers, have tents set aside where people can take shelter. The weather will dictate whether to pick a buffet or a sit-down party. For example, a stand-up soiree is not practical in dreadful weather. The proper staff uniform will also depend on the weather. As much as servers need to be well groomed for the event, the dress must be suitable. If it’s cold, the staff uniform should provide enough protection.

Pick the Right Menu

You have to be careful with the menu when catering an outside event. The food does not only have to suit the occasion and guests but the setting as well. Not every food serves well in the outdoors, and this has to factor into your decision. For instance, raw dishes, especially seafood may not last very long when exposed to too much heat. Cold desserts may also be tricky to serve when the sun is scorching hot. A party organiser who is trying to find catering in Sydney may already have an idea of the food and drink necessary for the event. However, the input of a professional caterer is always welcome to avoid common party mistakes.


Catering an outdoor event without the right tools can turn disastrous in seconds. You must have appropriate portable cooking equipment like grills and cookers. If you are using gas, then the location must have a sufficient supply. An outside event should have a power source and a backup generator. Besides powering electric cooking equipment, you have to provide food storage. Refrigeration is necessary, especially for long parties because the catering team must ensure that the temperatures are always right for different types of foods.

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