Tips for Amateur Photographers


Are you a long-time photo buff looking to up your game or maybe you are new to the hobby? Here are some tips for amateur photographers to more eye-catching and emotionally resonant photographs.

Shoot What You Know
One mistake that many amateur photographers make is thinking too much about what to photograph, or assuming it must be exotic. A smart amateur photographer (like Keith W. Springer) knows that anything can make an interesting photograph. It is often a great idea to take photos of what you know. The world may not need any more black and white shots of vacation at the Eiffel Tower but maybe the neon donut shop sign you drive by on the way to work everyday is beautiful in its own way. Look through your daily routine and think what things of beauty stand out to you, one tip for amateur photographers are to look in their daily lives. That is why shooting what you know is a great way to take original photographs.

Learn the Software
If your shooting digital (which pretty much everybody is these days) then knowing the digital tools of the trade is just as important as knowing your way around a darkroom used to be. So whether you are using Adobe Photoshop, Aperture, Lightroom, or the countless other photo editing software titles, practice makes perfect. Understanding the basic concepts of color, levels, and exposure can go a long way in taking your photos to the next level. Don’t let the software intimidate you, while there are a lot of tools and options; just concentrate on the basics at first. There is a wealth of knowledge online and in print that can help you learn the software. If you prefer hands-on training many community colleges offer low cost community programs.

Don’t go Overboard on Equipment
A common mistake the amateur photographer makes is going overboard buying gear. Some of the world’s best photos have been taking using surprisingly low-cost equipment. The fanciest camera and lenses in the world cannot make you a better photographer. So instead of investing all that money in equipment perhaps take a class on photography. Eventually as your knowledge grows so will your collection of gadgets but let it happen over time, buy new lenses and cameras, as you need them. You should always be learning new techniques and you will be surprised how much you can do with low cost equipment. In fact sometimes, lower cost equipment can force you to be even more creative! Recently there have been full-length movies and even photo exhibitions completely shot on mobile phones!

So if you are looking at making your photos even better, we hope our tips for amateur photographers help take your photography to the next level. In today’s world of snap and shoot and Instagram, spending a little time to know the basics will really make your photos pop and set you apart from the mass of food and selfie photos. Get out there and start snapping!

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