The Technology Behind Your Favorite Movies


The entertainment industry always runs parallel with the latest technology. Every time some new piece of progress comes out in the world of forward progression as far as equipment or computers goes, movies will follow suit and incorporate them into their framework.

For a few examples, consider special effects makeup, the use of green screens, how computer software is used to make your favorite movies, and where 3D renderings fit into the mix. Each of these pieces of technology creates an aspect of modern movies, and as that technology gets more efficient or more powerful, films adjust in turn.

Special Effects Makeup 

When movie producers use special effects makeup, it affects many different aspects of the film. Good special effects makeup means that a movie will help you suspend your disbelief. It can help you feel emotions more strongly. It can really sell a character or scene. Bad special effects makeup reminds you that this is all happening in a contained environment, and it brings you away from the story being told. Some types of movies use special effects makeup badly for a reason, and that has a certain cult following of its own as well.

Green Screens 

You can roughly divide the film industry into two eras – before green screens and after green screens. Before green screens,  producers used locations, backdrops, lighting techniques, or even models to create the background for their films. Now that green screen technology is used for pretty much everything, producers can take you out into fantastically detailed worlds all without ever having to leave their studio. These are entirely different ways of making films, and it’s up to the producer to put them in context that gives you the best kind of entertainment. As technology has improved, the ability of green screens to look realistic has improved as well.

Computer Software 

Have you ever wondered what computer software movie producers use? There is actually quite a range of it, and much of it is available to consumers, at least on a light level. As technology has improved, these computer software packages have become far less expensive and more user-friendly, which also allows you to catch a glimpse of the filmmaking world from the inside.

3D Renderings 

When is the last time that he went to see a 3D movie theater? That possibility for film entertainment is relatively recent, at least in its modern production value. Special cameras are used, special projectors are used, and special glasses are used. Altogether, as computer processing technology has improved and the way that movies are shown and watched has been made more efficient and less expensive, it opens up this type of entertainment for lots more people to appreciate on a regular basis.

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