The Role of Technology in Politics


Politicians have always used technology to reach their constituents and send their messages across, but it seems like technology plays an even more important role today. President Trump was elected mainly because of his use of social media platforms. It shows how social media is becoming a substitute for news channels whether for better or worse.

Any political observer or candidate needs to understand the power of technology to understand how political movements form today and how to get elected. Let’s take a look at a few ways technology is influencing politics right now.

Digital Marketing in Political Campaigns

One of the ways that technology is directly impacting politics is the use of digital marketing to promote parties, initiatives, or candidates.

Candidates today can use a mix of email marketing, social media marketing, and other techniques like SMS marketing to reach their supporters and gain new ones. They can send mass messages through text or email and summon a small army of followers for their rallies. Social media platforms like Twitter can also be used to rally troops.

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The Power of Data

Data analytics is also completely transforming the way campaigns are organized. Data was always important for political strategists, but there are now many more data points to collect and ways to collect that data.

Strategists can use data to gauge people’s engagement in someone’s campaigns. They can use indicators to know how a rally or a news story may affect a candidate. They can also use data to know which issues are more pressing for constituents and what points candidates need to drive home the most.

Social Media News Cycle

One area that is significantly changing the future of politics is social media and social media news feed. As you may know already, these feeds are curated based on a user’s actions. This means that people are more likely to see news that is in line with their worldview. Many people see this as a bad thing, and it can be, but it’s now part of the political landscape and candidates now have to deal with it. This means that candidates need to know how to use different angles and speak on a wider range of issues to appear on as many people’s feeds as possible.

These are all ways that technology is transforming the world of politics. Technology will only get better and will only have a bigger imprint on campaigns, so it would be wise for you to get familiar with these technologies if you ever want to run for office.

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