Maintenance of Business Systems Part 2

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Welcome back! In this part of Business Systems and Maintenance, we will be taking a look at Audio Visual and Security systems, and a few methods on keeping them in good order. Let’s get stuck right in!

AV Systems

AV could stand for anything: anti-virus? Always vanishing? Animated…vole? While the adventures of a cartoon mouse sound interesting (although I’m certain it has been done once or twice before!), in this instance we mean Audio-Visual. This can cover a broad range of systems, such as projectors, display screens, webcams, speakers and sound systems. An easy way to remember if something classes as an AV system is; if it can record or play sound or video, it’s an AV system.

With the way things have been over the past couple of years, AV systems have certainly had their time in the sun; from remote learning to group meetings over the internet (such as Zoom or Skype), recording and playback equipment has become a vital part of a large proportion of businesses across the world. As such, it is important to keep AV equipment maintained.

While working from home, or out of the office, keeping your webcam in good working order will be essential for those project meetings; ensure the lens is clear and cleaned regularly, the microphone (either system-installed or peripherally connected) is cleared from blockages or obstructions, and the cables are free from over-twisting or insulation cracks around the adapter.

While in the office, reporting issues with projectors, interactive screens and boards is just as important; most businesses keep the maintenance of the larger or more expensive devices either under the thumb of the in-house IT techies, or an off-site IT or AV company to do the maintenance work. Of course, this is providing that any issues that occur in day-to-day usage are reported, so make sure any and all problems are raised, and the correct teams are notified to give the best possible chance of keeping the equipment in top condition.

Security Systems

So now the AV and computer systems have been installed and updated, they should be protected, lest some nasty thieves get their hands on them! This is where security systems maintenance becomes important.

The implementation of systems like Access Control, card readers or biometrics is great for business and building security, but keeping on top of the maintenance is just as important for keeping the baddies out as cameras and alarms! Making sure that all access points and readers are functioning correctly, fitted securely to avoid breaches, and all software/firmware is up-to-date and working as it should beis crucial; there’s nothing worse than someone bypassing a control point with a paperclip and a spoon handle because the latest bug fix hasn’t been installed (It seems silly, but it’s not inaccurate!)

As you can see, keeping on top of maintenance and servicing for your business systems is highly important, not just for data and building security, but also for productivity, efficiency, and a more streamlined working process for all staff. Whether you are working from home, the office, or elsewhere, hopefully this article has been of help, and shed some light on aspects of business maintenance that can occasionally fall under the radar. Stay safe!

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