The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Conversion Rate


Every business owner wants to drive a considerable amount of traffic to his or her website. Yet, it’s useless if visitors fail to convert into customers. Fortunately, with some simple changes, it’s possible encourage leads to make a purchase on a website. Find out how to increase your conversion rate.

The Right Web Design

Your website might be flying high in the search engines, but the aesthetics and user experience could be letting your business down. An unattractive website with poor navigation can be all it takes to make a visitor click away. If you believe your site’s design could be damaging your business, it could be time for redesign. A web development agency, such as, can help you create a visually appealing, easy-to-use site that can encourage people to browse your products and make a purchase.

Add a Guarantee

Customers want to trust in your brand, products, or services before they commit to a purchase. Boost confidence by adding a no-questions asked refund policy for every purchase. The guarantee will reduce a visitor’s risk when making a purchase, and the extra sales will cover the cost for any returns.

Eliminate Fields

Web users don’t want to spend their time filling in fields to sign-up to your website or make a purchase. Lengthy steps can unfortunately lead to visitors abandoning their cart and never returning to your website again. Encourage customers to buy from your business by eliminating fields in a sign-up or email opt-in form.

Humanize Your Brand

People want to see the people behind the brand, so they can connect with the individuals running the small or large business. You should therefore strive to humanize your brand, so customers feel they are buying from people and not a corporate machine. You can do so by promoting your team on your About Us page. You could even incorporate videos onto your landing pages to prove there are real people behind your business.

Incorporate Tangible Action Verbs

Your call to action can make or break your online success. Try various calls to actions to see what works and what doesn’t online. To improve your conversion rate, we recommend incorporating tangible action verbs that will encourage people to perform an action. For example, use language such as “click here”, “grab yours” or “buy now”.

Use Testimonials

You’ll undoubtedly want to set the standard in your chosen industry, which is why you’ll strive to deliver the best products or services in the marketplace. However, it can sometimes be difficult to express your commitment through your web design and content alone.

Build trust in your brand by adding customer or client testimonials onto your landing pages, which will give people the peace of mind that they will receive the best quality products and services from your company. Don’t forget to include them in your product landing pages to encourage visitors to add a product into their cart.

List the Product or Service Benefits

Indecisive customers might be in two minds whether to buy your product or click away from your website. Convince visitors to make a purchase by listing the features of a product or service on a landing page. Clearly detail the benefits to prove to them how the product can improve their lifestyle or resolve a problem. A little gentle persuasion could be all it takes to receive a small or substantial sale.

Place Conversion Elements Above the Fold

Every experienced web designer and marketer will tell you that conversion elements and opt-in boxes should be placed above the fold. As they will immediately attract your visitors’ eye, they can provide optimal results for your business.

Recommend Related Products

Customers might be visiting your website to buy a specific product. Once they have found the item they are looking for, they’re less likely to browse your website and will instead head directly for the checkout area. Increase your conversion rate by adding related products below an item to maintain their engagement and increase sales.

Feature Stock Numbers to Create Urgency

Another top tip for improving your conversion rate is to add the number of remaining stock that is left, which should be located near the product description. For example, you could write: “Order now… only 2 items left in stock”. This will create a sense of urgency, as a customer may act quickly to secure a product and avoid disappointment. It will also confirm that you sell high-quality products that are in demand, which could result in an additional or future sale. You might be surprised by the big difference this could make to your conversion rate.

Avoid Hype

The modern customer is too intelligent for in-your-face marketing tactics, which is why you should avoid hype-based content at all times. Don’t be overzealous or promotional in your web copy. Instead, focus on writing and publishing clear, informative, and compelling content that will allow customers to make an informed choice.

Don’t Distract Your Visitors

Remove anything that could distract your visitors on a product landing page, such as rolling navigation bars or pop-ups. Not only will it prevent a web user from looking at the product, but you could annoy your visitors. It may also make your brand appear desperate for sales, likes or engagement, which could prevent them from making a purchase. A landing page should focus solely on one thing: encouraging customers to buy a product.

Provide Multiple Payment Options

Customers will become frustrated if they cannot buy the product they love because your site does not feature their preferred payment method. Not everyone wants to pay for a product using PayPal, while others might not want to add their card details into your website. You must provide multiple payment options to satisfy different visitors. The more options you have, the greater your conversion rate will be.

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