Electrical Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Electrical Repairs

Are you too short on funds to hire a real electrician? Then don’t fret, for the internet is your guide on electrical repairs. Working with electrical generators and circuits may seem intimidating at first, but once you understand how electricity flows, you’ll be able to do your own electrical repairs. It is crucial that you learn about the electric system and the way it connects electric devices in your home.

Similar to water filling a pipe under pressure, electricity moves through wires at a rate known as the current. The voltage just measures the electrical potential difference. An installed electric meter counts the amount of electricity consumed in kilowatts as energy flows through it. Three main power lines are responsible for supplying enough voltage to run small appliances and turn on the lights.

The power is distributed through what is called the main entrance panel. Pay close attention to the circuit breaker panel because it separates the circuits based on the level of current flowing through them. They switch off if a fuse is blown to prevent cables from short-circuiting. And lastly, you should know about the branch and feeder circuits.

Here are ten simple electrical repairs that you can do on your own. No experience is necessary to complete these repairs and replacements.

Trace a Short CircuitReplace a Light SwitchReplace a Light FixtureChange an Electrical OutletMap Out Your Breaker PanelRewire a Busted LampRemove an Extension Cord PlugMake Your Own Heating CoilWaterproof Your Electric CableRepair an Underground Wire Break

  • Trace a Short Circuit
  • Replace a Light Switch
  • Replace a Light Fixture
  • Change an Electrical Outlet
  • Map Out Your Breaker Panel
  • Rewire a Busted Lamp
  • Remove an Extension Cord Plug
  • Make Your Own Heating Coil
  • Waterproof Your Electric Cable
  • Repair an Underground Wire Break

Best of all, the tools you need can be found at hardware stores like a screwdriver, some pliers, a multimeter, wire nuts, electrical tape, wire cutters, and the new plug or socket to install into the system. Before you attempt these, make sure the power is completely off! It is recommended that you follow a proper instruction manual as a beginner. Be aware of potential safety hazards while you work.

Of course, there are certain repairs that are too difficult for the average person. You’ll have to consult a level 2 electrician to do main installations and upgrade your electricity supply. At Gordon’s Powers, you will find plenty of level 2 electricians that are qualified to work with Energy Australia and Integral Energy’s networks.

They also take care of any fuse equipment repair, off peak relay installation, electric system capacity extensions, and main service line connections. You can call them at 02 8135 2859 to request an electrician’s assistance.

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