7 Tips to Enhance the Security of Your Home

home security

Home security is a crucial factor to address because burglaries are so rampant owing to neglect from renters and homeowners. Every 15 seconds, a burglary takes place in the US, and most of them take place during the day. To prevent burglary, it is vital to understand how to protect your home. Below are seven tips on how to secure your home to prevent crime.

  1. Prune your shrubs

Trees, shrubs, and bushes can provide an intruder with places to hide. So trim any vegetation to make your doors, windows, and porches visible to your neighbors and passersby. It only takes a short while yet it helps make your home a lot less attractive to burglars.

  1. Enhance the lighting

Avoid giving crooks a dark place to hide. Motion-detecting floodlights and landscape and path lighting work together so burglars can’t find a place to hide. Also, pay attention to indoor lighting. Set a timer for your lights, and change the timing often to deter burglars from knowing your daily routine.

  1. Draw the blinds

Employ drapes and shades or other window treatment methods to keep your valuable household goods out of view since burglars usually try to find opportunities for crime, and they choose their potential targets by “window-shopping.”

  1. Secure the doors

About a third of housebreakers enter through the front door. Thus, inspect all doors around your home. Ensure they have strong frames and protected hinges and the wood is not hollow. And if your door has a mail slot, make sure someone can’t extend the hand through it to unlock the door. Your door may be a great focal point of your house, however, don’t sacrifice your home’s security for a pretty view. If the door lacks a deadbolt or a peephole, install them immediately to make the door more secure. And if you are a homeowner or tenant in Washington, you can find reputable locksmiths in Perth such as South Perth Locksmiths to get secure locks for your doors.

  1. Avoid advertising new purchases

Do not attract unwarranted attention to your home by discarding empty boxes together with trash at the curb, especially during holidays. Putting out boxes for new purchases such as a laptop computer, flat-screen television, video game system, and a host of other expensive items at your curb only shows the potential burglar what is new and up for grabs.

  1. Lock your windows

The latches manufacturers install on windows are not always efficient, and sometimes they are downright frail. Replace them with key-operated levers or locks to help enhance your security. You may even consider installing tempered or laminated glass for a firm hold. A remarkable percentage of home break-ins happen through first story windows, so as you secure them, don’t forget about the second-story and basement windows also.

  1. Buy a home security system

Your home should have a form of security in place, whether it is a fully-monitored smart system or a DIY installation. Assess the requirements of your area and select a system that suits your needs. Some of the features you need include an alarm, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and motion sensors for the doors and windows.

With the soaring crime rates, making your home secure is crucial because the safety of every valuable item in your home depends on it. So, ensure you prune your shrubs, enhance your home lighting, secure your doors and windows, and install a home security system to keep your home safe.

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