The Benefits of Drinking Protein Shakes


If you’re interested in health or fitness, you’ve probably heard a lot about protein shakes – influencers on Instagram who tout them, recipes to make them yourself, and more. Protein shakes aren’t just for the bodybuilding community, and you may be wondering whether or not you should add protein shakes to your daily routine, and if they really are as healthy and effective as people would have you think. We’re here to explain the benefits of protein shakes, which will help you decide if they’re right for you.

Protein Powder Benefits

Protein powders, especially those that are casein-, milk- or whey-based, are basically the healthiest parts of milk, and without the fats or carbs. This means you can amp up your protein intake without getting those other macronutrients into your diet. Overall, this enhances your fitness and athletic performance, improves your health and helps you tone your muscles more effectively. Protein shakes can be easily made at home with the help of powders and supplements, like those you’d find from Protein King.

Benefits of Different Types of Protein

There are several types of protein out there, and knowing the benefits of each one will help you pick the one that best suits your needs.

Casein: Casein protein has a lot of glutamine, which is an amino acid that helps with recovery. The body digests casein slowly, which means it’s a good protein to take before you go to sleep. Overnight, it will continue to deliver nutrients to your body.

Egg: Egg protein powder is dairy- and lactose-free, and your body digests it at a medium speed. You’ll also get a lot of lysine, which is an essential amino acid.

Pea: Pea protein is a good alternative for vegetarians or anyone trying to limit their intake of animal foods. Pea protein has a lot of arginine, which is useful if you’re trying to build muscle.

Soy: Vegetarians and vegans often take soy protein because it doesn’t have any animal components while still having all the essential amino acids you need.

Whey: This is the most common type of protein powder used in protein shakes. The body can absorb whey protein fast. This type of protein is best taken after your workout.

If you’re just starting out with protein shakes, pay special attention to how certain protein powders make you feel when taken at different parts of the day. You may have the right protein powder, but simply adjusting the time of day you take it can give you better results.

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