Scenic Road Trips in New York

Scenic Road Trips

If you’re in the city, then you know that the way to get around NYC is by subway, bus, cab and Uber. Driving in Brooklyn or Manhattan means booking an extra hour (or three) to find a parking space once you get there. But New York State is another story entirely. There might not be a better state in the US to take a road trip… well, maybe Nevada, but they got the Grand Canyon down there. That’s cheating.

Anyways, if you’re looking for some great towns to see this year, or next year, once the snow melts and you can enjoy upstate in the Springtime, here are some of the best scenic road trips to take in New York.

High Peaks Scenic Byway

The High Peaks Scenic Byway will take you along all the highest peaks of the Adirondacks, with some of the most breathtaking bodies of water the state has to offer. From Chapel Pond to Roaring Brook Falls along your journey across and around the dozens of high peeks stretching up to more than four thousand feet above sea level. This is probably your best bet for a scenic drive if you’re looking for some time away from it all. If you want to go camping, canoeing, hiking or just enjoy an afternoon out of the city, the High Peaks Scenic Byway is just what you’re after.

Lake George Region

The best way to explore the Lake George Region is to just get out there and find your way around. Chart a course by road map or GPS and see where you wind up. More than two hundred miles of roads will take you along some incredible sights. You might spot some migratory birds or the signs of native tribes that lived in the area. Check out the Hudson River and Lake Champlain Canal. They call it The Great Northeast Journey for a reason. New Yorkers know that the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building are for tourists. Upstaters know that The Great Northeast Journey is for New Yorkers.

The Wine Trails

If you’re a wine lover, book a journey from Watkins Glen up to Branchport, and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to see (and drink) it all. Mennonite architecture, the Keuka Lake Wine Trail, Hunt Country Vineyards, and the Fox Run Vineyards and Cafe are all must-sees on this trip. At the Hunt Country Vineyards, you’ll want to check out Esperanza Mansion where you can enjoy a high-end meal in front of Keuka Lake, though Liberty has the best seafood in town.

A Trip to Albany

If you’ve never been to Albany, it might be time to make the journey. No matter how you get there, you’ll take in some gorgeous sights. And once you do get there, there’s even more to see. Check out nearby New Salem for beautiful scenery. Iffy you’re into hiking, the Indian Ladder Trail in John Boyd Thatcher State Park is great. Indian Ladder Farms is great if you’re into Fall flavors, as you can pick apples or have some shockingly good cider donuts at the base of Helderberg Mountain ridge. The town is home to the New York State Museum and the Dutch Apple Cruise, where you can take a walk along the Hudson River. When you’re hungry, we recommend the Victory Cafe, or Evan’s Brewing Company if you’re feeling thirsty. If you want to have a full-sized adventure without filling the tank up three times (or picking up any speeding ticket points) the great thing about Albany is that everything is so close together.

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