Rest In Peace Dutchess

Rest In Peace Dutchess

Dutchess spent much of her life as my late wife’s dog, almost always at her side, often sleeping in the bend of Vickie’s knees at night. When Vickie passed away, I of course kept Dutchess and our other two dogs, Booger and Bouncer.

But keeping three dogs, and trying to manage the jealousies between them, became more than I wanted to deal with, so I gave Dutchess to my son and his kids about three years ago.

This morning Dutchess passed away due to complications from diabetes. She was an incredibly sweet dog, a true member of the family, and will be missed by all of our family.

Update: As I sat around this evening playing one of my guitars and thinking of Dutchess, the following tune flowed out of me. I share it with you in memory of Dutchess: Dutchess

Rest in peace little girl.

With love,

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