Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at Work

Everyone is talking about reducing their carbon footprint these days. There are many things consumers can do to ease the burden on the environment, and these efforts can also carry over into the workplace. When large manufacturing sites make a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the efforts are typically focused on reducing and recycling the waste that is generated.

co2 emission

carbon footprint is a combination of all the greenhouse gases that are produced in supporting direct and indirect human activities. When measuring a company’s carbon footprint, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are calculated by tracking fuel consumption. For example, for every gallon of gasoline consumed, there are 8.7 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted into the environment. 

How Smart Companies Reduce Waste

Trash reduction services are available to help a company in its efforts to reduce waste. Such equipment as trash balers and compactors can be purchased or rented to significantly reduce waste. Plus, since waste disposal is quite expensive, this will reduce costs in the long run.

Waste consulting services can also help a business streamline its waste reduction efforts. Knowledgeable experts can analyze the entire waste stream by gathering critical information about the types of waste that is generated and then determine the ways that recycling can best improve efficiency. A comprehensive plan is presented to help your company reach its recycling goals. 

waste broker is another excellent consideration for the company who is serious about reducing its carbon footprint. A professional who is very knowledgeable about waste hauling and the recycling industry can use their contacts in the field to get you the best prices available.

How You Can Support Your Company’s Efforts

Change often begins at home. If you want to do your part, consider your options for commuting to work. In you live in an urban area, public transportation is an excellent way to reduce greenhouse gases. If public transport isn’t available, consider carpooling with others. 

There are many ways to lessen the environmental impact at work, including:

  • Always turn off the lights and electronic equipment whenever you leave a room.
  • Encourage staff to only print documents when absolutely necessary. Sending reports and memos by email will make a big difference.
  • Set up a recycling plan at the office. Designate different containers for different types of waste, and train all employees to know which waste goes in which container.
  • Buy supplies in bulk to reduce the waste generated when you purchase in smaller packages.

Reducing your carbon footprint at work takes a bit of time and commitment, but the benefits will be well worth the effort.

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