My First Guitar-Picking YouTube

My First Guitar-Picking YouTube 1

The name of the tune is Windy and Warm, the first tune I ever learned. I’ve tuned the top string in D, just to be a bit different (I sometimes like to play tunes in different keys or tunings than they were written for … it forces me to learn something).

I also throw a little starter lick in at the front. It’s just a little lick that was in my head and I figured I might as well play it.

There’s a huge mistake midway through, but I just left it in instead of trying to rerecord. It’s been months since I’ve played, and there’s no way to get back smooth without a good bit of playing. Hopefully I’m back picking again and will do some more videos after getting somewhat back up to snuff.

Anyway, I hope you like, errors and all.

Happy New Year.

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