Life Learning Lessons from Taking Online Traffic School

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When you think of driving school, you probably imagine it’s a bunch of boring rules. It is true that an online defensive driving course contains a bunch of rules, but it may not be as boring as you think. Improv traffic school teaches you a lot of great life lessons through their defensive driving courses. Below we will give you some examples of stories based on lessons you may learn:

  • Rules Are a Necessary Evil
  • Stay Alert
  • Be Patient with Others
  • Don’t Over React
  • Be Civil and Respectful
  • The Meaning of Swollen Pockets

Rules Are Necessary

Who likes rules? Like how some states don’t allow you to pump your own gas. We all want to do our own thing and do things our way. But, can you imagine if people could go the wrong way down a one-way street? Defensive driving courses can teach you things like the importance of following street signs.

How about if drivers could do what they wanted at a four-way stop? Would the most aggressive driver go first? What if there were two aggressive drivers headed towards each other at the same time? A crash in this scenario could be harmful or fatal, and thanks to the right-of-way rules, we can all avoid this.

Stay Alert

Staying alert is one of the first rules you need to follow to be a defensive driver. It will keep you from having to make snap judgments. It will also prevent you from making mistakes yourself and being at fault in an accident.

All situations call for are staying alert, and there are many examples of how it is crucial. You may be able to defend yourself from a sleepy person or drunk driver swerving into your lane. If something falls off a truck, you can defensively dodge it! Awareness will also help protect innocent animals crossing the street.

Be Patient with Others

We are so used to getting things quickly these days, mainly due to the internet and technology. People are impatient at an alarming rate. You never know why people may be in your way on the road. Pregnant women have had babies on the way to the hospital. Maybe the driver had a bee fly up the leg of his pants. Sometimes it can’t be avoided. Reckless driving laws help prevent these sorts of situations when possible. Online defensive driving courses can drastically improve your chances of being safe in these areas.

Don’t Over React

It’s important to stay calm in urgent situations as a driver. For instance, if you see a car veering into your lane, you don’t want to overcompensate by veering into the next driver’s lane. You also don’t want to slam on your breaks when you see a child chase a ball out in front of you. Jamming the breaks could cause the driver behind you to hit you, and it could push you even further into the street.

Be Civil and Respectful

Imagine you are rushing to your new class at school. You shouldn’t be driving in too much of a rush, but let’s say you are. The two cars in front of you are going five miles under the speed limit, and you desperately want to pass them. However, they are driving next to each other, blocking you from getting ahead. You decide to lay on the horn and yell at the car you pass. You get to school and notice the teacher of your new class is the person at which you yelled on the way there. Not a good start. Online traffic school can teach you what to do in emergency situations.

The Meaning of Swollen Pockets

You may hate following rules but doing so can keep you from crashing. A crash can cost you a large sum of cash. Tickets aren’t cheap either. If your driving record has tickets, crashes, or citations on it, your insurance will be higher than if you didn’t. We all like money though, don’t we? Being a defensive driver can save you a lot of money. Feel your pockets swell with cash!

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