High-Tech Features Available in New Cars

High-Tech Features car dashboard

Cars have come a long way since they first appeared on roads in the early 20th Century. They got faster, more fuel-efficient, more comfortable, and safer. Driving has gotten easier and more fun. Features such as power steering and power brakes reduced the physical effort needed to control a motor vehicle.

Today, technology offers many advanced features that take cars to a whole new level. Many things that were once done manually are now automatic and cars are safer and more fun to drive than ever. It may seem intimidating to learn to use all of this new tech. You don’t have to be a space shuttle pilot. You can very quickly become a champ at using your high-tech features.

Bluetooth technology car


If you’ve just purchased a new car, such as a new INFINITI for sale, it probably is loaded with several of these high-tech features. One of the most useful is Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones.

Distracted driving is dangerous and causes many accidents. Talking and texting on the phone while driving is the most common distraction. Pairing your phone with your car via Bluetooth allows you to safely answer calls using buttons on your steering wheel. The call comes through your car’s sound system and you can have a hands-free conversation. Cars also have a voice that will read incoming texts.

Green Light Warning

If you’ve got a lot on your mind while driving, you may stop at a red light and not notice when it turns green. This can cause problems, especially in heavy traffic. The driver behind you may become aggressive and pass you unsafely. This is also a common cause of road rage incidents. Many new cars have a sensor that will detect a green light and give you an audible signal. You will know it’s time to go and it’s much more pleasant than the horn of the driver behind you.

Lane Exit Warning

On winding roads or at night, it can be easy to drift over the line into the next lane. This can cause accidents and is something you want to avoid. Another high-tech feature on many new cars is a lane exit warning. The vehicle senses when you cross the line and alerts you with a sound and a light on the dash. You can get back in your lane and avoid a collision.

Car-Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control is a nice feature for long stretches of highway driving. The problem is that it will hold a steady speed regardless of how fast the car in front of you is going. Adaptive cruise control goes a step further. A small radar unit in your car’s nose detects the speed of the vehicle in front of you and matches yours to it to maintain a steady distance from that car. This is a device that greatly enhances safety.

Modern Tech

The modern age is one of high-tech and that includes cars. Vehicles today are equipped with all kinds of gadgets that make driving easier, more fun, and safer.

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