The Virtual Grandparent: 3 Tips for Making Video Calls More Engaging with Tech

video call

From grandparents in memory care facilities to grandchildren in study abroad programs, staying in touch with your loved one is easier than ever.

Video calls have become a lifeline for many families who are separated by distance. They mean that grandchildren and grandparents can share special moments despite being miles apart. However, to really make these virtual interactions engaging and meaningful, you want to leverage technology in creative ways. So, here are 3 helpful tips.

Interactive Apps

Using interactive apps during video calls can be really great for connecting with grandparents. It means you can share experiences, learn, and have fun together, which can really deepen your bond.

Incorporating interactive apps into video calls is often easy-peasy. First, pick an app that both you and your grandparents will enjoy. Then, download it on your devices, and start your video call. During the call, fire up the app.

For example, picture this: You and your grandparents are catching up over a video call. To make things more interesting, you decide to use an interactive reading app, choosing a classic story you both love and taking turns reading it aloud. As you read together, you share your thoughts on the characters, swap personal anecdotes related to the story, and enjoy bonding over your shared love for literature.

Multi-device Features

Multi-device features make virtual interactions feel more real by allowing you to share moments as they happen. This often makes you feel more connected, as if you’re right there with each other.

And using multi-device features is usually a breeze. Just make sure everyone has a device with the necessary capabilities. Then, during your video call, explore features like screen sharing or live streaming to share experiences in real-time.

Imagine your grandparents can’t make it to your school play. No worries! Set up a video call and use live streaming to show them the performance as it happens. They’ll feel like they’re in the audience, cheering you on and sharing the moment with you despite the distance.

Smart Devices

Smart devices make staying connected with grandparents a whole lot easier. With features like voice commands and photo sharing, they really simplify the process, especially for older adults who might find tech a bit tricky.

So you want to get one with video calling and other handy features, show your grandparents how to use it, and let them enjoy hassle-free virtual interactions.

For example, maybe you get your grandparents a smart display as a gift. They set it up, use voice commands to call you, and share photos from your latest family gathering during the call. It’s a simple way to stay connected and share memories, no tech headaches involved.

By making use of interactive apps, multi-device features, and smart devices, you can really enhance your virtual connections with grandparents, making each call more engaging and memorable.

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