4 Great Career Options for “People People”


The idea of earning a living doing what one loves most in the world is part of every person’s version of the American dream. However some jobs are definitely better suited to one type of person over another. If you’re extroverted, outgoing, and love nothing more than connecting with others, you’re well-suited to a job that lets you work closely with other human beings. The following are some excellent options to consider.

1. Public Relations

Do you love the idea of working with the general public? Are you a whiz at making sure word gets around when something truly exciting is happening? A job in the public relations (PR) industry just might be a dream come true for you. Public relations specialists need to be adept at tasks like event planning and media outreach. They’re also amazing at leading, motivating, and coordinating entire teams of employees to the tune of amazing results.

2. Medicine

If you’ve always loved the idea of helping people in need, then you might want to take a closer look at medicine. How you enjoy helping others can help clue you in to which particular position is the best potential fit for you. Nurses get lots of chances to soothe frazzled nerves and help people deal with illnesses or injury on an emotional basis. X-ray technicians and anesthesiologists get lots of chances to work with the latest technology. Pharmacy technicians get to do a little bit of everything. Terrific tools like streamlined software for pharmacies makes it easier than ever to go into the pharmacy business for yourself if it sounds like your cup of tea.

3. Teacher

Some “people people” are absolute naturals when it comes to helping others learn, making them shoo-ins for the teaching profession. Teachers get to help mold young minds and inspire people from every walk of life to do, be, and become their best. They need to be patient, encouraging, and skilled at speaking to large groups. Natural teachers are also great at coordinating their efforts with those of parents at home as well.

4. Sales

Have you ever been told that you’re really persuasive? Do you have a knack for getting others to see the benefits of a particular course of action? You might well be a natural salesman. The best, most successful sales professionals are tenacious types that are great at spotting opportunities and naturally good at striking up a great conversation with just about anyone. You could build a career in your wire house as Welch Careers if you can operate forklift.

While it takes all types to make the world go round, “people people” are the ones responsible for keeping everyone connected. How will you put your natural extroversion to work making the world a better place?

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