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Every city has its own unique urban style and magnetism and offers a variety of world-class live entertainment experiences, but a little competition never hurt anyone. Whether you’re drawn to the bright lights, big city atmosphere of the Big Apple or the charisma and historic charm of the Brits, join millions of passionate theater patrons for the best the theater has to offer. Develop a keener understanding of these two famous tourist destinations, their similarities, and their vast diversities with our handy infographic.

What makes each of these two distinct theater communities shine? Scrutinize the particulars on our delightful infographic, Theater Show-Down, London’s West End versus New York’s Broadway, and find out. Between prices and location, which city offers the swankiest live theater productions? Which one can boast shows that have raked in the most money throughout the years, and who charges the largest premium for their show tickets? If the live presentation of Disney’s The Lion King is on your bucket list, does it appear in both cities?

Explore our comparisons of London’s West End and New York’s Broadway if you’re having trouble deciding where to go. With dozens of theaters in each location, both urban haunts will satisfy the most discriminating theater snob. You’ll join oodles of theatergoers when you have your ticket to what’s showing on Broadway and the West End. Everything you want to know and more about the battle of these two arts districts is right here on our infographic. Once you’ve looked at the facts, decide for yourself who’s the winner.

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