Your All-Important Guide to Arranging a Successful Charity Event


A charity event can be held for a variety of purposes, whether it’s to raise awareness for a particular cause, to secure funds for a person or an institution, or even to seek some crucial coverage from the media. But planning one is not an altogether easy matter, as you may already know.  If you’re planning and arranging a charity fundraiser, how do you do it right? Here’s your all-important guide to arranging a successful charity event.

Set your budget

The budget is the first thing you should determine for your event. This goes hand in hand with how much you are hoping to receive. Set your budget according to how much funds you are expecting, and spend accordingly. Take all expenses into account, such as the cost of the venue, the food, the bar and drinks, the cost of staff, the cost of promotional materials such as banners (incidentally, make sure the banner printing service you get is a good one; banner printers are plentiful, but it is best to go for the highest quality banners you can find in order to give a good impression), the music and entertainment, security, and extras such as stalls for vendors, photo booths, and so on.

Choose the venue and dress it up

The venue of your event should be a good match for the number of guests you are planning to have as well as your prospective theme. The available space matters, especially if you’re planning to set up a stage, a bar, and entertainment. Dressing up your venue is also crucial, and you can do this with some tasteful double banners (which allow the banners to be seen from different angles), supersized posters for brilliant, attention-grabbing visuals on the night itself, a pop up podium for speakers or products, and some strategically-placed outdoor banners to welcome your guests.

Promote it

Promoting your event takes time and effort, but you can do it in different ways. Social media is a great tool for promoting and marketing any kind of event, especially a non-profit event. You can create a special page on Facebook, for instance, and inform your supporters about your upcoming party and how they can volunteer or take part in it. An event calendar is also a great way to keep your guests and supporters up-to-date.

Secrets to success

To make your event a real success, here are some top tips: live music is always a great crowd-pleaser, as is a prize raffle (make sure the prizes are donated by sponsors!). To get more participants, consider offering a discount for early birds, and maximise the number of attendees with both digital and printed invites.  Now that you’ve got these essential tips, it’s time to plan your party – but don’t forget to have fun doing it as well!



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