Basic Safety Gear for Construction Workers


If you are about to start learning a trade and are preparing for your first day on the job, then safety is likely to be at the forefront of your mind. GOOD! Safety on the site should be everybody’s priority.

If you want to stay safe but aren’t sure what to bring to the site on your first day, below are some starters.

Safety Vest

If you can’t be seen, then you won’t be seen. And on a construction site, that is a very dangerous thing! Be sure to bring a brightly colored hi-vis vest. If you can, get one with reflective panels. This will be especially beneficial when working sites at night.

Hard Hat

If you aren’t wearing a hard-hat, then you don’t have a place on a work site. Head to your closest trade store and pick up a good-quality hard hat. You don’t have to get the most expensive, but you do need to get a good-quality one.


Workplace safety is important to employers for two main reasons; employee health and insurance. Neither items are covered when builders don’t wear gloves. Get yourself a pair of strong construction gloves to protect against injuries.


Don’t even think about wearing your sneakers to a construction site. Head to the Groupon Coupons page for Merrell and get yourself some purpose designed work boots or construction safety shoes. Even if you’re only on-site a few hours of the day and the rest of the time you’re at the office drawing up plans, get yourself some decent boots.

Glasses and Goggles

Keeping your eyes protected is one of the most important safety aspects of a construction site. Be sure to turn up with a pair of safety goggles. At the least, bring a pair of safety glass which you can put over any existing spectacles.

What? Huh?

This should be something you need to say when wearing safety earwear. If you are in the store and you can still hear people shopping, keep looking. Find a pair of earmuffs which are designed to filter out construction sounds, such as heavy machinery and drilling.

A construction site is a dangerous place. But, just like all places, how safe you are, depends on you.

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