4 Creative Renovations That Can Increase Your Home Value


These days, the words ‘remodel’ and ‘renovation’ are highly common as more and more people try to build a home that suits their every want and need. However, some homeowners simply decide to make renovations to increase their home’s value before selling. If you’re looking to make upgrades but don’t know which projects can score you the most return on your investment, look to these four key areas for inspiration and guidance.

The Garage Door

Since garage doors are often the focal point of the home as you approach, it pays to replace yours with one that’s modern and eye-catching. Home buyers find appeal in renovations that are easy to spot, as opposed to ones that are minor or completely invisible, such as within the interior walls. For this reason, options like a garage door can add an instant facelift that can bring you, the seller, great ROI from the start.

The Front Door

Speaking of facelifts, your home’s front door is another area that deserves some attention. First impressions are said to be everything, and having a welcoming front door that’s both decorative and highly functional is key to getting an increase in home value. After all, arriving at an open house to find that the front door creaks and lets drafts through the cracks is hardly ideal to a new homebuyer.

The Kitchen

Most experts have said in years past that bathrooms and kitchens are the prime locations for renovations, as many families spend a lot of time in these areas and prefer them to be modern and chic. While bathroom upgrades are becoming less profitable as time goes on, a kitchen remodel centennial is still undoubtedly crucial for getting a great return on your money.

The Siding

The best renovations are the ones people visibly see right away, which also happen to be the ones that generally bring the best ROI. Since curb appeal is essential to making a sale, focusing on outdoor upgrades like new siding is highly important. Not only does siding substantially improve the look of the home overall, but it reassures homebuyers that immediate maintenance won’t be required once they purchase the home.

Overall, any renovations to a home can bring in more potential buyers. However, it’s choosing the right areas to renovate that brings the greater increase in home value you need. Even if you’re not looking to sell right away, these are also locations that can increase positivity with your home life, in general.

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