3 Ways To Protect Your Business From Online Threats


In our modern society, businesses have a lot that they need to worry about. Not only are people more picky with what they’re spending their money on, but we also live in a world that’s very litigious. And even with these obstacles we have to face, there are still more. One of the biggest catch-22s for a business is being accessible online. While this is great for your customers or clients, it also puts you and your sensitive information at risk. So to help ensure that you’re able to protect company, here are three ways you can secure your business from online threats. 

Use A VPN 

One of the best things you can do for your business if you’re worried about being taken advantage of online is to use a VPN. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, serves as an added layer of IT security. According to StackCommerce, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, VPNs can help businesses by encrypting their online data, hiding their IP address, and keeping their traffic confidential. With these things being taken care of, you can further help to protect your business from being attacked by hackers or leaving yourselves open to simple, unsophisticated attempts to take advantage of you as a business. 

Teach Your Employees About Cyberstalking 

While your employees can be a great line of defense for alerting you if something seems to have gone awry with your online business security, they can also be your greatest weakness in this area as well. So to ensure that your staff isn’t a security liability, Danielle from Stay Safe Online recommends that you teach and train your employees on how to recognize and avoid cyberstalkers. Cyberstalkers will try to approach your employees online in order to gain access to their personal information for the purpose of defrauding your overall business. By teaching your employees how to discover these people, you can hopefully avoid falling prey to these rouses. 

Never Go Easy On Your Passwords 

As a good rule of thumb for all cyber security, it’s important that you and your entire organization understand why all their passwords should be strong. According to Jim Carnes, a contributor to TechCrunch.com, what’s going to be even better for your online security is if you can have multi-factor authentication for all important portals of access within your business files or website. With strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, you’ll be able to keep out a lot of potential hackers that otherwise would have found it easy to crack into your system and steal or leak all of your information.

To keep the records and reputation of your business safe, consider using the tips mentioned above to help improve the protection of your company from online threats.

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