How To Be More Organized


If you find you always seem to be stressed out about something, eventually that stress will start to cause you health problems, both mentally and physically. Therefore, it’s much better to try to control that stress wherever possible. One way to do this is to become more organized in life; this will allow you to relax more and de-stress because you will know where everything is exactly when you need it. Here are some great tips on how to be more organized so that you can be less stressed.

Write It Down

If you simply try to remember everything you need to, you will find that you are adding to your stress levels because no one can remember that much information. Writing it down is a much better option, and this will enable you to be a lot more organized. You can have a birthday book, for example, where you note down everyone’s dates of birth and check the book at the start of each month so that you know who to buy a card or gift for. Or you might like to make lists of things to do each day or each week so that you can keep on track. A calendar is also useful as you can note down where you are meant to be and when, and make sure you get there on time.

Have Deadlines

If you want to be more organized, then you should give yourself deadlines to work towards. These don’t have to be actual deadlines; you can create them yourself so that you know how to prioritize your workload or the chores you need to do around the house. As an extension of this, you can also create goals to work towards. When you have something specific and important to head for, you are less likely to waste time and more likely to work in an organized fashion so that you can reach those goals sooner.

Use Labels

If your desk is normally a mess, this might be causing you problems with your productivity and concentration. A neat and tidy workspace is often what works best for people, and even if it does get messy during the day, you should always tidy it away again when you’re done so that you come to a tidy workspace the next day. This will stop you procrastinating by tidying things up, and you can get right down to work. Using sticker paper to make labels so that you know what everything is and where it should be when it comes to tidying up will make the job a lot easier and quicker, and you can have more time to relax and de-stress.


Regularly de-cluttering is another great way to stay organized and be less stressed. Over time, we obtain items, and they can end up as clutter around our homes or work areas. Sometimes we don’t even know or remember where the items can from – they are just there. De-cluttering means getting rid of these items that we don’t use and don’t need, and ensuring that we have more room. It is a simple process, but one that can really lower stress levels and help you to stay more focused and organized.

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