3 COVID-19 Procedures You Should Use At Work

The coronavirus has changed work, school and life in general. With this kind of change, workplaces have completely changed the protocol and have put into place procedures that can better fight the virus. Here are three things you can implement at your own workplace to decontaminate and prevent the spread of COVID-19


1. Wear Face Masks

Because humans can easily transmit the virus, wearing a protective face mask can be the first step of preventative health. Encourage workers and customers to wear face masks when interacting with each other. The mask can stop the rapid transmission of the virus, and social distancing can also help keep others safe. You may have to rearrange the workplace to accommodate social distancing. Use tape or stickers on the floor and signs to help customers and workers navigate safely.

2. Daily Health Checks

The CDC recommends inspecting the health of workers every day. This can help you recognize any COVID-19 symptoms right away. This can be a simple survey that workers and customers do when they enter the store, or you can check temperatures to see if those who enter the building have fevers. If a worker feels sick, encourage them to stay home and wait until they get better.

3. Deep Clean Everything

Sanitation plays a key role in keeping others safe. Although the workplace should be sanitized often, especially as customers come and go, it’s just as important to invest in deep cleaning Connecticut. Professionals can decontaminate workplaces, which meets the CDC guidelines for businesses and offices. Decontamination completely removes microorganisms that could enter the body and should be done especially when a lot of people come in and out of the building. Schools, for example, should be decontaminated often. 

Personal Health Tips

Worried about your own health? There are many things you can do to stay safe. Use protective gear at work, especially if you interact with others often. Drink lots of water and wash your hands often. Avoid touching your face and avoid contact with those who cough or sneeze. Although you may enjoy interacting with coworkers, remember to stay socially distanced for your own safety. If your job allows workers to work from home, you may consider taking this option, especially if there is a large outbreak of the virus in your community. 

To stop the spread of the virus and other sicknesses, do your best to keep the workplace safe and clean. As you use common sense and precautions, you can minimize the risk of getting the virus.

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