Ways to Attract the Right People


If you’d like to build an online brand, one of the smartest ways to attract the right people is through the use of an online broadcast. Granted, when many people think of an online broadcast in real-time, they tend to get really nervous. The thought of speaking in a public forum is enough for some people to get back in bed and hide under the covers. However, there are a few ways you can strategically prepare for an online broadcast and get rid of the jitters.

1. Write down what you want to say and practice.
Going online for a live broadcast involves a level of confidence. When people lack confidence, it tends to be a result of a lack of information. When you’re informed, you’re able to confidently execute. Gain your confidence to execute by taking the time to research and provide content that your audience will appreciate. Once you’ve created your speech, practice it. The more you practice, the more fluid it’ll sound. Before long, you’ll be able to do a live broadcast without a prepared speech. You’ll get to the point where all you’ll need is a sticky note with a few bullet points.

2. Make the announcement ahead of time.
There are many graphic design tools on the internet. Use one of them to create a great graphic that informs your following that you’re going to be going live with new content. Let them know which platform you’re using. Some people tend to use multiple platforms at once. Include the time you’re going live and include the information regarding a potential replay.

3. Consider asking a friend or business partner to do it with you.
There’s strength in numbers. Sometimes, it takes a little support to do well. Consider asking a fellow colleague or friend to help you with the broadcast. They might be sitting next to you on camera or off camera as moral support. If they’re on camera with you, it becomes more of a conversation that’s easier to facilitate.

4. Have a call to action.
Don’t just go live to go live. Have a purpose. Whether you want people to sign up for a class or join your email list, have some sort of call to action for your audience. If you’re not sure how to handle all of the social media efforts, outsource this portion to a company that specializes in social media optimization and management. Once you do this, you’ll be able to focus more on creating valuable content and building a strong brand.

While this process can seem intense, understand that it’s worth it. Be consistent with this effort. You might want to consider doing live broadcasts at least once a week. Some brands do live broadcasts on a daily basis and really achieve excellent results.

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