Two-Bedroom Apartment vs. Two-Apartment Rental: Your Best Option

After years of planning, you and a few friends are moving to NYC and plan on renting a couple of one-bedroom apartments near each other to stay close. However, this idea may not be the best for you, as two-bedroom flats might be a better option for many in this scenario.


One-Bedroom Apartments are the Trend, For Now

Millennials are driven to one-bedroom apartments for a handful of reasons. Many like the smaller space that they present but most just want extra privacy. As a result, you and your friends may be driven to rent out two or more one-bedroom apartments in the same complex and place them near each other.

This trend is something that is harder to do in NYC but can be done with planning. Yes, you’ll be paying a lot of money, but you’ll have your privacy and multiple places to hang out. However, you may want just to compress yourself into a two-bedroom apartment, instead, particularly if you don’t have a lot of money to spend.

Is Renting a Full Other Apartment a Good Choice?

Though you undoubtedly want your privacy when you move to NYC, it is sometimes just not an option. Even if you and your friends can afford to rent multiple one-bedroom apartments in the city, you are doing yourself a disservice and should consider a two-bedroom apartment instead.

These apartments can be easily adapted for privacy, as long as you and your friends understand each other. Remember – you’ll be cutting your rental costs in HALF if you move into one apartment, which can make your stay in NYC much more enjoyable. So compromise a little.

For example, you can convert one of the bedrooms into entertainment areas where you can hang out apart from each other and curtain off part of the living room as a private bedroom. Or you can use the living room as a central meeting hub for future city adventures and keep the bedrooms separate. Though it may be tighter living conditions, you’ll have thousands of dollars more of fun money and can even save a little if you’re frugal.

Go the Two-Bedroom Route

Though it may be tempting to rent two apartments if you have the money, a Kips Bay 2 bedroom apartment or a similar option will save you cash and provide many benefits that you can’t get otherwise. Make sure to research your apartment before you make a choice.

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