Top Tips on Where – and How – to Install Your Television at Home

Television at Home

No home nowadays is complete without a TV – it tends to draw the whole family together for some quality time, after all. But whilst many are worrying about exactly which TV to buy (there are, after all, many makes and models on the markets, each with its own advantages and disadvantages), few of us actually think about the positioning of the TV in our home.

However, where to place the TV is a very important question to ask; you want you and your family to have optimum viewing pleasure. So what exactly is the ideal position to view this interesting machine? Here are the top tips on where – and how – to install your television at home.

Place it at eye level

The ideal place for your TV is right in front of you, at eye level. Hence, sit down on the sofa and see which height would be perfect for your viewing pleasure. Mark it. Having your TV at eye level and right in front of you will ensure you are not bothered with eye strain or a stiff neck the next day. It’s important because these physical problems don’t always happen overnight; they tend to build up and get worse over time. To make sure you stay healthy and don’t strain your eyes or neck, make use of a proper TV display stand.

The size of the screen

The rule is simple: the bigger, the better – but make sure it’s HD.

Above the mantel?

It looks cosy, but if there’s any way to avoid it, please do – for three main reasons. First of all, the heat of the hearth can cause problems with the electronics and the wiring of the TV, reducing its lifespan and lessening the quality of the screen. Secondly, a fireplace tends to be tilted, so your TV screen will not be placed flat (hence, not at the perfect angle). Lastly, if there is a fire in the hearth, the light may interfere with your viewing pleasure, throwing a glare and possibly leading to eyestrain.

Avoiding the lights

The less glare you have, or the less light that comes from other sources, the better.

What about other areas of the house?

Why not the kitchen? Though of course, make sure you don’t get distracted and cause an accident to happen.

Here’s one more hint: it’s okay to install a TV in your bedroom, but understand that this has to be taken with discipline in mind. It’s not healthy to make it a habit of watching too much TV before sleeping. Keeping a TV in the bathroom for when you are taking a leisurely bath may also seem like a good idea, but you have to make sure the electrical wiring is done to perfection and the screen doesn’t get fogged up. Watching TV is great – but do it the right way.


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