Top Reasons Why Your Bed Height Actually Matters


When buying beds most people look for the size of the bed and pay little or no attention to the height of the bed. The fact is, choosing a bed with the right height can improve the comfort factor and also the quality of your sleep.

While deciding the height for your 4 poster bed you must choose a height that is ideal for your height. A comfortable bed is not just for sleeping snugly, it should also allow you to get in and out of it effortlessly. Choosing the right bed height can also address your storage needs. Plus, the height of your bed along with the frame size can enhance the look and function of your bedroom.

More importantly, it impacts your overall comfort in using the bed. Having said that, here are the most important reasons why you should consider bed height as a vital factor when shopping for your next bed.

It Impacts Your Comfort in Using the Bed

The most fundamental reason for choosing your bed height is to ensure that you get into and get out of your bed most comfortably. Getting up from a low height bed will result in strain to your musculoskeletal system.

So what’s the ideal bed height? If your feet touches the floor when you swing your feet out of the bed, you know it’s the most comfortable height.

It’s a Matter of Safety and Comfort for Ageing Individuals

It is very important for elderly people to able to get up from bed with least effort. A bed that’s too high can hurt them if they lose balance and fall from the bed. Also, older people find it very difficult to get out of the bed as they lose their flexibility and muscle strength. A bed with proper height can help in such situations.

It Staves Off Allergies and Helps You Wake Up Naturally

If you are allergic to dust, then too low a bed will create health problems to you because you are exposed to more dust, the closer you are to the floor. The ideal bed level will ensure that a healthy dose of early morning sunlight falls on you, allowing your body to wake up naturally. Too high a bed will hinder this process.

It Affects the Aesthetics of Your Bedroom

The height of your bed can affect the overall look of your bedroom. A bed with low height can impart a spacious look to your bedroom. If your room is big and has high ceiling then a taller 4 poster bed is ideal. The storage space under the bed can add to the clutter free look of the room. However, aesthetics should come after comfort and health when deciding the checklist for bed height.

Choosing the right height of the bed is of great importance to ensure comfort, proper rest, and good health. The average height of a bed is about 25 inches off the floor. The antique 4 poster bed is taller at 36 inches off the floor, while the modern platform bed is only about 18 inches off the floor. You can choose the right height based on your needs keeping in mind the factors we’ve discussed above.

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