Top 5 Smartphones for Gaming


Today’s mobile phone models are much more versatile and can be likened to pocket sized computers with numerous applications. One popular use for these devices has become gaming. For many, their phone is the electronic device they use most to enjoy their favorite game such as intense graphic games like Call of Duty or even simple game of blackjack you can play at casino online. Not all phones are designed for gaming but the five models mentioned here are some of the best.


A snappy processor is essential for today’s gaming needs. The G5 delivers in this respect with its

Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-Core 2.9 GHz processor. This means that games can be played much more smoothly with no dreading lagging.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Today’s games need even more out of a phone. While in the past 1 GB of RAM was ideal, this is no longer the case which the Galaxy S7 realizes as it offers an impressive 4 GB of RAM. Getting the higher amount of RAM can make your phone able to transition when even more cutting edge games are released.

HTC One M10

When gaming on the go, battery life is an important concern. Gamers don’t want to be in a situation where they are participating in an online game and then their phone dies. A unique aspect of the M10 is that its battery can be recharge utilizing wireless technology.

Motorola Droid Turbo

Some gamers may prefer a device with a larger display screen. This particular phone has a pleasing 5.2 inch display. The other specs also make it a great gaming phone such as the powerful processor.

iPhone 7

Even though it hasn’t officially be released yet, the news of its features make it already a desired gaming phone. The phone comes in different sizes so gamers can get just the one they need.

When evaluating these phones, the best choice would be the Samsung Galaxy S7. Not only does it have features needed in gaming phones but it is the only model with waterproof technology which will protect the phone wherever gamers go.

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