Things you need to know before you complete functional capacity evaluation (FCE)

Injuries are always inevitable, and they can happen to anyone at their workplace station. When an accident occurs to you at work, and you get some serious injury at work, you may have to deal with a workers’ compensation claim because you have a right to be compensated. You will file a claim to receive some benefits on wage loss and medical care costs. Before that, you will need to carry out a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) test, as it is critical for the reimbursement claims process. Here is what you need to know before you take a functional capacity evaluation test with a trained medical professional.

workplace injury

Act like you are being observed

It is important that before you take the FCE test that you act like the doctor is observing you. The doctor performing the test will observe you and ascertain that your compensation claims are correct. So it is important that you display all the injury signs and symptoms. For instance, if an injury affected you to the extent that you are unable to walk, it will be a bad idea to take painkillers to enable you to walk to the doctor’s office because this might affect your claim and put you in problems.

Be truthful during the examination

Part of your examiner’s finding will be to find out if you are telling the truth during the testing. They will specifically try to look for signs of any exaggeration of pain levels and note them down in their findings. Try and be honest, and don’t exaggerate your pains.

Wear something loose and comfortable

During the examination test, several physical tests will be carried out on you for hours to determine how the injuries or accident affected is advisable that you wear clothes that will make you move freely and easy to remove when you are required for some test to be performed.

Avoid at all costs taking painkiller medication before the test

Painkiller medication will relieve some pains that you may be experiencing and, as a result, will help you function normally even if you are feeling a lot of pains in your injured body parts. Avoid any form of painkillers, especially those available over the counter, because they will reduce the effect of pain. The examiner conducting the test will think you are feeling better than you actually do. You may fail the test as a result.

The procedure

An FCE procedure will involve a combination of tests and observations. Before this test is performed, you will have to present your job description documents and physical requirements documents to the health practitioner. These documents will be used to assess these areas; your body injury parts, positional tolerance, and material handling.

You will need a personal injury lawyer.

Before you complete the FCE test, it is crucial that you conduct a personal injury lawyer to work for various reasons. They will advise you about the FCE claim, recommend which type of test you should perform, and review FCE reports if they have any errors and inconsistencies.

Finally, with the above few pointers in mind, you can confidently appear for an FCE test with the hope of a fair decision.

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