The Main Benefits of Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

Aluminium bi-folding doors make wonderful additions to any home. Not only do they provide a number of practical benefits and a sense of luxury. They also bring a high level of convenience and comfort, simply by increasing the size of your living space. Here are just seven of the many reasons that you may wish to consider buying some bi-fold doors…

  1. Improve access to your garden

Installing bi-folding doors is a great of opening up access to your garden or patio space. Because every bi-fold door is designed to improve your view of your outside space, installing a set is a great way to essentially bring much of the pleasure of being outdoors inside. In other words, high quality bi-fold doors will help you make the best use of your inside and outside living spaces at the same time.

  1. Optimise natural light

Much like sliding patio doors, bi-folding doors will help bring more natural light into your home, whether they are open or closed. The increase in natural light will really brighten a dark or dingy room. This in turn can make the room a nicer place to spend time.

  1. Maximise space

One major advantage that bi-folding doors have over patio doors is that they take up very little space when open. This is because each bi-folding door doesn’t slide behind another door. Instead, bi-fold doors concertina back on themselves. This allows you the benefit of opening up your wall completely – perfect if you are short on space!

  1. More secure

The best bi-fold doors feature high quality locking systems which are distributed over many points along the sliding track. In contrast to other types of glass doors, which usually have only a single locking point, bi-folding doors are more likely to keep your home secure.

  1. Flexibility

Bi-folding doors are much more flexible than their alternatives. As previously stated, they allow you to open up the width in the door frame; you can even customise each bi-fold door so that it leaves partial openings in different places. When you consider that normal doors can only open at one width, and patio doors can open to a maximum of half the length of the window, it is clear that bi-fold doors are far superior.

  1. Low maintenance

Bi-folding are also surprising low maintenance. All they need is a bit of a wipe with a lint-free cloth and some detergent every now and then. This makes them easier to clean than windows with multiple window panes built into a single frame, for example.

  1. Aesthetically pleasing

Adding bi-folding doors to your home increases natural light, thus making your living space nicer to look at and a more pleasant place to be. Yet bi-folding doors can make your home look more modern from the outside and increase the overall curb appeal of your home. You have a huge range of designs to choose from.

So, whether you want your doors to blend in to their existing surroundings, or stand out for greater impact – the choice is yours!

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