Simple Ways to Show Sympathy



People experience grief or discomfort at some point in their lives from situations such as losing a spouse, a divorce, or other life-changing issues. It is always recommendable to sympathize with such individuals as it is hard for them to come to terms with such situations. In this article, you will learn about some of the things you need to do to show that you care about affected people.

Talk to them

Tell the affected individuals that you care about them and that you are sorry for what they are going through. Many people find a hard time when trying to find appropriate words to show their sympathy. Saying that you care helps them to open up and ask for the need that they may need. You can also tell the person that you are thinking about them as this helps them to feel less isolated.

Stay on the topic

Avoid jumping from one topic to another. Reassure them that you care and give them some space if need be and encourage them to open up to you.

Lower your tone

Failure to do so can be interpreted as a sign of excitement by the affected person, and this is not conducive for the situation.

Make physical contact

It helps to show the loved one that you care about them, and you are available during a hard time. One of the best ways to do this is by putting your hand on their shoulder and hugging them if possible. However, only make physical contact if the person is comfortable with it.

Use appropriate facial expressions

It is vital as it helps to in conveying the right message. Ensure that the expressions are displaying sympathy to your loved one. For example, avoid smiling in such a situation as it may be interpreted as excitement. It is recommendable to have a neutral facial expression.

Sending them a gift

You do not need to use a lot of your money on this. In most cases, people send a card or sympathy flowers which you can get from  a reputable provider. The store has a wide range of flowers to choose from.

Provide meals for them

It is a common way to show your sympathy, and it helps affected individuals to find time to cope with the situation. You can also order them some meals from professional food providers where you can even schedule the deliveries.

Check in regularly

It is hard for people who just lost a loved one to move on, and they may need your support. Checking in regularly shows that you care about them, and this helps them to cope during a hard time. Ask the affected person about how they are doing.

Be a good listener

In some cases, the person who is grieving may need to open up about what they are going through. Show them that you care by listening to what they have to say. Avoid any distractions such as phones and other electronic gadgets.

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