How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring

A surprising number of factors go into choosing the perfect wedding ring. It goes beyond what kind of precious metal to choose for the band or what type of gemstone it will have, if the ring is going to have any type of gemstone at all. Should the rings match, or should the bride’s ring be a bit fancier? Here are a few ways to buy the perfect wedding ring:

Start Looking Early

One thing no engaged couple wants to do is rush things and that includes picking the wedding rings. Wedding planners and other experts suggest that the couple start shopping for rings at least two to three months before their big day. This gives them lots of time to do their research and narrow their choices.

Plan a Budget

Another benefit of starting the search for rings early is that it makes planning a budget easier. Consider that an unadorned band made of precious metal starts at about $1000. The cost goes up if gemstones are added or if the metal is chased or engraved. The cost of engraving depends on factors such as how many letters are used and whether the engraving is done by hand.

Consider the Engagement Ring

One way to find the right wedding ring is to consider the engagement ring. A woman who has an engagement ring encrusted with glittering diamonds on a platinum band may choose a simple ring of platinum or white gold. If the engagement ring is simple, the wedding ring may be adorned with one or more diamonds. There are also engagement and wedding bands sold as sets that lock into each other.

Know That Wedding Rings Don’t Have to Match

Couples may be relieved to know that the wedding rings of the husband and wife don’t have to match. They not only don’t have to be made of the same metal, they don’t even have to be the same style. A couple can visit Michael Arthur to help choose the right ring for both of them.

Consider Lifestyle

A person who’s going to wear their wedding ring most of the time needs to invest in a band that will bear up to everyday wear and tear. Even alloyed gold is a fairly soft metal, and a person who works with their hands might want to wear a band made of the much tougher platinum, especially if the platinum has a rhodium plating that gives it even more protection. They should also avoid rings with gemstones that can be knocked out or embellishments as channel settings or split shanks, which can hold on to dirt.

Take the Ring for a Test Drive

Many jewelers will allow the couple to put on the wedding rings that they’re interested in, the same way car dealers let potential buyers take a car for a test drive. The couple should wear the rings for a few minutes to see how they feel and how they look on their fingers. They should even write something when the ring is on to see how comfortable it feels.

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