Reasons To Run Background Checks On Potential Employees


All managers and business owners know there are a few important steps to take when looking for a new employee to fill an open position. There is the time it takes to place to job advertisement boards online such as through the FL white pages , time spent going through the numerous applications and then performing the interviews. However, not everyone entrusted with hiring a new employee will submit them to a background check. There are many reasons, however, why a potential employee should submit to one. Below are some of the main reasons why businesses should run background checks through sites such as Intelius for new employees.

Highlights Criminal History

One of the main reasons potential employees should get a background check is to highlight any criminal history they may have. If you have a business around children, you would not want to hire someone that has a violent past or that has harmed children before. Additionally, you wouldn’t want to hire something who’s criminal history shows repeated instances that would prove they cannot be trusted.

Avoids Liability

Another reason to perform background checks on potential employees is because it helps to fulfill your duty of due diligence and can help you to avoid any future liabilities. For example, you could hire a driver and they end up getting in a wreck because of drinking on the job. You don’t want to find out after the fact that they had been arrested previously for a DUI. Background checks will ensure you are hiring the right person for the job.

Full Picture Of Applicant

Most applicants put on an act when they are interviewing for a position. They are trying to highlight all of their best qualities in order to get you to hire them. While this is typical for the hiring process, a background check will be able to give you the “bigger picture” on all potential hires so that there are no surprises if you do bring them into the company. The background check can help you cut through the applicant’s facade and let you see who they truly are.


The last and most important reason to perform a background check on a potential employee is for the safety of your other employees and customers. You would never want to accidentally hire someone that has a violent past or that is a sex offender. These types of people are not worth the risk of hiring and you should find this out beforehand.

These are just a few of the top reasons why potential employees should submit to a background check before getting hired. It can give business owners peace of mind knowing that they are bringing in the best employee for the position and not taking any unnecessary risks in hiring them.

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