5 Must-Have Apps That Should Be In Your Phone Now

Mobile phones were once upon a time only for calling and sending text messages. However, now, they are much more than that. Phones are many people’s lifelines, and they depend on them for just about everything from their grocery list, to their banking information.

There are thousands of apps out there, some better than others. In order to help you weed out the most useful from the ones you can skip, here are a few of the must-haves that should be in your phone at any moment.


Google Maps

Once upon a time, you had to buy an expensive GPS in order to be able to be able to find a route somewhere. Otherwise, people who didn’t have the luxury of affording one would have to print out an itinerary on Mapquest and look down at the paper frantically driving to their location. Heaven forbid they should miss a step, or they’d end up driving in circles.

However, now, it’s possible to have GPS in your phone completely free without having to look down at a paper, risking getting into an accident. Not only does Google Maps provide GPS directions anywhere, but it also provides real-time traffic updates. As a result, you can avoid hours of sitting in traffic by taking the time to look ahead in the app. 


Sometimes you may not have the time to read an article right away. As a result, excellent links which are sent to you by friends may get passed up. However, the app Pocket makes it possible to save articles from your browser and read them later, even without an internet connection.

The app itself is free; however, for a small fee, you can pay for the ad-free version which comes with several other features included.


So, you’ve heard of podcasts and know what they are, but you haven’t really gotten into it yet. It’s time to dive in! Podcasts are a great way to stay entertained or informed while being able to focus on something else.

Whether you’re doing the dishes or driving in your car, podcasts are a fantastic form of entertainment. There are some great podcasts out there which make for excellent listening material regardless of where you are! 


Once upon a time, you had to carry around a pocket full of post-it’s to be able to remember to get anything done. However, now it’s easy to jot down things we want to remember in our phone with the notes application.

Sometimes, however, our ideas are more than just words. You may want to include an image or a drawing to convey your idea. Evernote allows you to write down all sorts of memos which help you with your productivity and creativity, from doodles to links.

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