In Case You Haven’t Heard: Don’t Let Facebook Screw You

In Case You Haven’t Heard Don’t Let Facebook Screw You

Most of you have probably heard by now that the new Facebook privacy settings default to making much of your information public.

That’s right: a lot of information that you would like to be private and to be shared only with your Facebook friends now defaults to being public.

But, since some of you might not have heard about this, I felt obligated to point it out to you. An especially useful discussion of this is provided at O’Reilly Radar in the article Is Facebook a Brand You Can Trust? (This article also references a worthy read by Jason Calcanis on the subject.)

I encourage you to take the time to read this article. In addition to describing the current problem, it points out that this sort of thing is not new with Facebook.

If it weren’t for the family members that I connect with on Facebook, I would drop Facebook like a turd. I may drop Facebook anyway. This sort of treatment of customers is absolutely disgusting.

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