Important Considerations When Deciding to Rent or Buy a Property

property buying

It is confusing when you need to decide between property purchase or rental. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option. Before you take a look at the differences between these options, you might want to look at the general considerations first; whether you want to rent or buy.


The first thing you need to take a look at is the location. Is it close to key areas? How far is it from work? Will there be easy access to public transportation? Do you think the value of the property will increase in the next few years? It is important to select the right location or even visit the property to check if the location is actually good.


You should assess first if the property is big enough for you and your family. If you have growing kids, don’t just look at them as young kids, but as full-grown adults someday. You need to have a property where you won’t feel like you are cramped inside. The size also determines the price, so you can’t just get a property based on size as a consideration.

Agent’s recommendation

Speak with your agent to determine the best property to buy. You will then be given the pros and cons of each option. Ultimately, it is your choice, but it is good to make an informed decision.

Buying a property

The decision to buy a property must be made only if you are certain that you will be staying there for a long period or at least have some plans to rent out the property. Buying a property can be costly. You shouldn’t buy a property using a mortgage unless you are certain you want to live in it. If you are just looking to buy property with plans of selling it in the future, find one that is in a strategic location, so it will dramatically increase its value someday.

Renting a property

You can opt for property rental if you don’t have intentions to stay long in the place. You can save more money as rental is cheaper, but if you plan to stay in an area for quite some time, you might as well consider buying a property. There are properties for rent that can be negotiated for purchase. Check the terms and conditions and you might decide to get this type of property.

In the end, you have a tough decision to make. Take your time to think about all the consequences of every choice before you make your final move. You can also take a look at for more information about properties in various locations.



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