How to Disinfect Your Mobile in Covid19 Situation

Previously we talked about an important issue such as the maintenance of your mobile phone, pointing out the most common breakdowns to deal with. Today, in times when personal hygiene and the cleaning of objects around us are a vital task, we want to give you some keys to disinfect your inseparable device.

cleaning mobile

The screen, main focus of infection

The screen of the mobile phone can contain various types of bacteria, so as much as you wash your hands, if you manipulate your phone afterwards, it is not much use.

Experts in the study published in The Wall Street Journal recommend disinfecting your phone at least once a month – in these times. We recommend that it be done more frequently. For this, it is necessary to use a cloth moistened with water and alcohol. To disinfect the phone, you have to pour three parts of 96% ethyl alcohol (the one used to heal wounds) and one of water.

Remove and clean the case

The first step to have the mobile clean is to remove the cover (it is advisable to have one to avoid shocks) , an element that will have to be disinfected to replace it at the end of the process.

After having the case clean, it is time to take care of the screen: for this, it is preferable to use a cloth with microfiber – similar to the wipes that are used to clean the glasses or the lenses of the cameras – this action is enough, although the mixture of water and alcohol is also effective as long as it does not have oleophobic coverage – a thin layer that almost all mid-range and high-end mobiles have. In case you have, the mixing can be done with white wine and water. In any case, it is necessary to avoid glass cleaners or any other type of corrosive or abrasive substance.

As for the rear areas or the edges of the appliance, isopropyl alcohol can be used, the same used to clean computer or tablet screens, television monitors, DVDs and other electronic devices; also used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Health and biosecurity issue

Remember mobile phones and other touch screen systems, such as at airport check-in desks and in-flight entertainment displays, may have contributed to the rapid spread of covid-19 worldwide.

They are the main carriers of diseases. We use them to talk, depositing microbes through drops. We often have them with us while we watch TV or eat. Also, many people have a habit of using it in the bathroom, another main focus of possible infection. From , for your safety, we recommend you follow these guidelines and, with a small gesture that will not take long, take the disinfected mobile everywhere and protect your own health and that of those around you will be easier.

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