How to Deal With Most Commonly Damaged Items When Moving


You have already packed all your items and you are ready to move. Upon arrival at your new house, you start to unload all the items and unpack them. Then, you realize that a lot of your precious belongings have been damaged. Worse, they cost hundreds or thousands of pounds. This is definitely a nightmare. The truth is you are not alone. A lot of people moving from one place to another experience this kind of problem. There are items that are very sensitive and they could be easily dislodged when loaded on a truck or even break when there is a bump in the road. If you don’t want to go through this problem, then you need to take note of what the most damaged items are and how you can protect them.


They are obviously breakable and so they have to be taken care of. You have to pack them first with paper then store them in a box and seal the box with tape. Make sure that when the truck is on a bumpy road, these glasses won’t bump into each other and break. It also helps to have a fragile sticker placed on the box. Then, these glasses will be handled carefully.


Some people just don’t understand the value of artwork. They fail to realize that some of them might be valued way more than their current assets. Thus, they treat them like an ordinary piece of wood with a drawing on the front. To secure artwork, you need a customized frame that will serve as its protection before placing it inside a box. Just like the glasses, you also need a fragile sticker to ensure that it will be handled with care.


When loading items on a truck, huge furniture must be a priority. It is usually durable, but because of its size, some minor damage could happen. There might be scratches or parts that break. You need to inform whoever is moving the furniture about the type of material used in each item of furniture. This is important in determining where they should be positioned when loaded on a truck.

Sporting equipment

Sporting items usually have a special case, so it is not a problem. The problem kicks in when they have to be flown. As you see at the airports, there is a separate area where you can check in your sporting equipment. It is important to have these items checked in there. Other oversized items must also be checked in there. This will ensure that airport staff will handle them properly.

Seek help

When you don’t want any of these items to be damaged, find professional removals in Gloucester that will help you out. Some of them even provide a warranty, so if something breaks they could be held responsible for it. When you are from Cheltenham, it is easy to find Cheltenham removals company. All you have to do is to give them a call and close the deal. With a removal company in Gloucester, the entire moving process won’t be stressful anymore.


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