How Technology Affects The Workday


The modern workday is greatly influenced by technology. Even the hiring process is starting to use AI and computer software to determine the fit of prospective employees. There are numerous other ways that technology is affecting the workday. Connectivity is one. Everyone is always connected because of the internet and their cell phones. This can be both a pro and a con, given that it could be distracting. As a positive, this connectivity can allow for flexible hours. Holding onto a glass half full mentality, technology can in fact even lead to productivity. Being constantly connected can, instead, enable people to communicate with one other with ease and perform tasks easier. Technology has altered the way people conduct meetings within the company, helped foster organizational skills and even assisted with health, in some other aspects.

Hiring process

Even HR professionals are adopting technology in their hiring methods. For instance, some companies use a resume automated screening or applicant tracking system to screen an applicant’s resume. This software looks for keywords in your resume to deem you fit for the job. Even artificial intelligence is used during the hiring process. As technology continues to progress, perhaps one day a robot will conduct the interview for us. It appears like we are headed in that direction, regardless. The field of HR is changing, as people know it, the more innovative technology there is.


The proliferation of technology impacts the work culture of companies. This is especially true due to the cellphone. Walking down the street or sitting on the subway, you can notice people’s mobile phones on them at all times. This includes the work hours. The ping of the cell phone can distract many people from a task or even a conversation happening. This can be seen as one of the negative aspects of technology. Still, technology is merely a tool. It can be seen as either negative or positive, depending on the situation. Technology can also allow for flexible work due to the fact that people are connected at all times of the day. This is especially true for certain industries such as Marketing and Graphic Design, where work can be done remotely. This can be seen as the positive aspect of technology, given the freedom and flexibility of work location (albeit, depending on the company). The idea is, so long as certain individuals have a laptop and the Internet, the work can be completed from anywhere.


Technology can be seen as a positive or a con. On the positive side of the spectrum, technology helps increase productivity at work. There is a technological solution for most areas of work where you need it the most. Figure out what it is you need help with, and there is often an app or a quick search on Google that can help with that problem. For instance, you can easily learn how to create pie charts with excel spreadsheets through a quick Google. Technology has helped alter how information is distributed. Thanks first and foremost to the Internet, we have an infinite amount of information available at our fingertips at all times. Certain companies even have a location where they store all of their documents – a Google drop box or network storage. Having access to this storage, at all times, and making the information available to employees will further cause productivity.


Technology has changed the modern meeting. For instance, many business meetings are not necessarily held face to face. They are done over the phone and even video chat. Even the nature of presentations has changed the more technology advances. The tools people use to put together presentations continue to constantly evolve. Perhaps one-day presentations will be given via 3D holograms. For the time being, technology continues to alter the landscape within which meetings are held. People within the same office space may even talk to one another on the phone, especially should one person be out of the office one day. Face to face contact is drastically reduced due to tech alternatives during business hours. Tech also makes it much easier to perform business on a global scale, given that people can connect at any point via phone, video or email.

Keeping Organized

Technology helps individuals stay organized. This is in part due to all of the apps, such as apps that provide text reminders about upcoming appointments and meetings. This particular application connects to your calendar to remind you of your meetings. This is incredibly beneficial for a business and during the workday, considering how hectic some days can get. Plus, this particular app connects to an existing calendar, making it even easier. New tech apps are constantly making it easier for people to stay on track. All that is necessary is a quick download and a two-minute set up to be good-to-go.

Wearable technology

Some people spend their days at work sitting down. However, leading an active lifestyle is paramount to one’s health. That is where wearable technology starts to play a role in motivating people to get active. Technology that helps people count the number of steps they are taking in the span of a day is a great reminder of the necessity to move. Wearing a Fitbit might be just what you need to start taking the stairs as opposed to the elevators while at work. It will keep your health at the forefront of your mind the more that number on your wrist increases, and it is an easy way to track how your steps may fluctuate throughout the week, for example.

From the internet to the emergence of artificial intelligence, technology affects the workplace. As technology continues to progress, it will continue to change the landscape. Perhaps virtual reality will be more commonplace even during the work hours. Nobody can say for sure what the future will bring, but technological innovation will not come to a halt. Through using technology to aid various parts of our lives, society can see near-instant results that help us in many ways.

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