How Best to Market Your Start-up


Having a start up isn’t easy, it is a well known fact that over 50% of start ups fail within their first 3 years, a worrying stat for anyone wishing to start their own company and make it successful. The fundamental of any type of business in the World is customers, regardless of whether you are selling jewelry to high school girls or stocks and shares to high rolling businessmen, the customer is key. The idea of build it and they will come is complete nonsense, it never has worked and it never will work, you must go and get your customers. In order to do this, marketing is key and in today’s digital world, businesses have a direct line to millions of customers. The question is how you get those customers, what strategy should you use and how can you get them excited about your product or service. If you have a start up then here are some ways you should consider marketing your business, brand or product.

SEO Marketing

To start with, it is crucial to your success that you have an online presence by way of social media pages and a website, not doing so is criminal. SEO is search engine optimization, basically it is about getting your website to the top of the search engines when customers search keywords pertaining to your business, a great way to get customers and promote your brand. Check out SEOP reviews online to find the best services you can who will give you the most reliable SEO strategy.

Relationship Marketing

This is a great form of marketing that won’t cost you a penny, perfect for when you are just starting out, it will cost you time, but nothing more. Relationship marketing is a bout connecting with your current and prospective customers, engaging with them without trying to sell them anything. You can do this directly through conversations, through surveys or any other method you choose. This not only keeps your business in the mind of the consumer but also gains their trust and loyalty, it puts a face to your company, once you have their trust and loyalty then you can start pitching your products.

Promotional Marketing

One of the best ways for new businesses to create a name for themselves is through offering great promotions, the best way is through couponing websites. The online coupon industry is huge right now and millions of people take advantage of them every day. You will need to lose a little bit of money from the outset in order to offer your new clients amazing deals, if your product or service is good enough then these customers will continue to give you business once you have stopped with your promotions. In such a competitive business world, this is a great way to not only show off what your business is selling, but also to get your name out there and into the minds of the consumer.

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