Giving Gadgets as Gifts


When we grow up, we’re supposed to leave childish things behind. This advice is not followed by most people, and if you and your friends still enjoy playing video games, having a kick about in the park or playing pranks on each other, you are not alone. This love of childish behaviour and interests is rooted in an unconscious desire to return to the happy, carefree days of your youth, and the need to escape the stresses of adult life. Tech gadgets are basically toys for grown-ups, made more acceptable by being based on cutting-edge science and technological development. There are more and more gadgets on the market, so with all this choice, what should you bear in mind when selecting gadgets as gifts?

Are you really buying for yourself?

How many times do parents buy a gift for their child because they really want to play with it themselves? This has been going on for years – you buy a remote-control yacht ostensibly for your kids, only to spend most of the time racing it across the local lake yourself because you need to work out how to use it/there’s something not right about it/it’s more complicated than you thought/your child might break it. The problem with this scenario is that the kids get fed up and lose interest because they never get to have a go, or if they do you are bossing them about and they’re not having any fun. If you buy a gadget for your kids, it should be theirs – you can be there to help, guide and sort out problems, but not to take over.

Getting ideas

Think about whether the person you have in mind will really appreciate the gadget and have the space and ability to use it. Don’t get a robotic spider for someone with arachnophobia, or a set of walkie talkies for someone who lives on their own. If you like the idea of getting a gadget but aren’t sure what to get, have a look at some tech and gadget websites that feature all the latest inventions and the most up to date versions of existing products. You may well come across something you hadn’t been aware of that would be perfect for the gift’s recipient.

Buying a gadget

Make sure you do your research first before spending any money. Check out specialist websites that review particular gadgets, for example, FPV Drone Reviews to find the best and most suitable product in your price range. It’s also worth contacting local clubs or online enthusiast groups to get some advice and opinions from experienced gadgeteers.

Gadgets can make brilliant gifts and entertain for a long time, you just need to make sure you’ve thought about what to get and made sure it’s a gift that will be appreciated. Don’t get something just because it’s the newest gadget on the market, look for a gadget that will delight your friend or child, and hopefully they will let you have a go too!

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