Fun Ways To Spend Time with Children


Spending time with children goes both ways; you will find out that each time you spend quality time with your own child or children, there is always something awesome to learn from each other!

Just the same way we teach good behavior and decent manners to children, it’s also the same way they inspire us in their own little ways. At the end of the day, this teaches us a whole lot too.

There are lots of fun ways to engage children, both indoors and outdoors; you’ll find a few tips below. So, go ahead and choose the kind of fun you think suits you and your children.

Go For An Adventure

Playing helps children develop, so it’s actually a plus to have adventurous children! If they are well monitored and mentored, you will discover you have a mini superhero in your home or around you. Therefore, going for an adventure is not a bad idea. It could just a walk in the woods or even a boat ride. You can even give the boat ride a fun theme. This way, you can be sure both the boys and girls will be really thrilled to be part of this kind of fun activity.

Get Creative

There are a thousand and one things that can be done to create an informing and educative fun for your own children or if you intend to host a fun group for children. You must always have at the back of your mind that the idea is to meaningfully engage children by teaching them something new; you can read more here.


One of the most memorable things for every child is the first time they learned how to ride their bicycle. It always an amazing experience for them, so it will be great fun if you set up a cycling lesson for a child or a cycling competition for a group of children. Cycling not only makes children confident and fit, but it is also a smart way to teach children how to use the road safely. They will hold on to this virtue even when they grow older and start driving cars.


Children see things differently, and there are many great things a child can do with photography. This is yet another angle to consider if you want to create fun and memorable moments with your children. After all, children are always willing to try new things, especially anything to do with technology. Photography, in this case, will be a fantastic idea. The camera is one tool that allows you to truly express your feeling.

You can start off by giving your children a chance to capture a given theme. An example is “Leaders of Tomorrow.” The idea here is to capture images that reflect how children can actually be the true leaders of tomorrow. By undertaking projects together such as this, you will teach and create at the same time.

Improvisation Drama

Drama is one element that allows you to see the talents embedded in the child. Drama particularly cuts across all walks of life. Any child can act to be anything or anybody, just name it.

Children love drama, but it’s more fun for them to be a part of it. You can creatively engage your fun group with an improvisation drama project. It means they have to use what is available to them to achieve what they need in the scene. It could be a boat, an animal, or a place. That act of putting all these together will be a huge fun time for the children.

Visiting Relatives

Going out for visits could truly be fun, but in this case, we can make fun and purposeful. Children are kind and very loveable, so here’s a fun way to encourage this natural instinct in them. It’s always fun to engage children to reach out to the relatives, especially elderly relatives. In as much as they will have fun visiting relatives of all ages, it’s also a way for them to learn about the family history from the older members of the family.

Historical Quiz

This idea can actually be based on a reading club platform. Almost every single child loves to be told a story. Now, how about teaching them and telling them historical stories from their favorite time period? What’s more, you can assign every child in the group a section of the story to read out to everyone else about a particular historical event. It could come in three sections. Reading, questions, and finally, a visit to the museum will be the finishing touch!

Train Ride

Everyone enjoys a train ride. A train ride is a great way to create super fun for children. It gives them a chance to see a different view of the city and surrounding areas. The countrysides are usually a beautiful sight to behold. You can even make it more interesting by taking photos of those sights and possibly tell them stories about those very old houses in the areas. It will certainly be educational too.

Palm Print On T-shirts

Children even like the fun even when it seems messy! The idea here is to ask the children paint their palms with their favorite colors and finally dab their palms on plain t-shirts. You will find that they need little or no direction on this. Just allow them to have their way. At the end of this activity, you will discover they have spent ample time creating something interesting with their own hand and all by themselves.

Painting and Drawing

Children will always love to draw. One interesting thing about drawing is that it helps a child develop the power to imagine and recreate. When it comes to drawing children are just in their own little world, whether they are imagining fairytale castles, superheroes, or exciting animals. This idea is an insightful avenue to understanding the inner thoughts of a child. With lots of crayons and paper, you can give children a world of fun.

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