Five mistakes that could compromise network security at your business

Cybersecurity is a key concern when it comes to the IT infrastructure of your business facilities. You need to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your data and network are secure. Unfortunately, many business facilities make mistakes that compromise network security and increase their chances of experiencing a cybersecurity attack.

The following are five mistakes to avoid that could compromise network security for your business.

Not having a password policy that promotes security

Don’t underestimate the importance of strong passwords when it comes to keeping your facility network secure. You should have a password policy in place that maximizes security.

Secure passwords are strong and unique. They include both capital and lower-case letters. They also include numbers and special characters. In addition to creating strong passwords, staff members should be trained to regularly update passwords for the most secure password practices possible. 

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Failing to have a strong firewall in place

A firewall is meant to separate a business network from the outside. It prevents unauthorized parties from accessing the network. You need to make sure there is a strong and effective firewall in place that secures your network. Otherwise, your business network could become an easy target for hackers. 

Not training staff members on network security precautions

You need to get your entire staff involved to maintain strong cybersecurity. This means that you should institute training procedures regarding cybersecurity tactics for your staff members.

If your staff members don’t know what behaviors lead to cybersecurity weaknesses, they won’t know how to boost cybersecurity. You should make your entire staff aware of cybersecurity precautions and practices. 

Lacking multi-factor authentication practices

Multi-factor authentication practices mean using more than just a password to secure network access. There are numerous options for additional authentication process factors. You could have an SMS go to an employee’s smartphone. You can also have individual questions for staff members to be used as part of login credentials before access is granted to the network. 

Having no network segmentation practices in place

You can make networks more secure by segmenting them. Segmenting networks involves splitting them up into various subnetworks. 

By using network segmentation, you can minimize the damage if your network is accessed by a hacker. With segmentation, a hacker will only have access to a certain subnetwork and won’t have access to the entirety of your network and data. This helps to minimize any damage from a successful cybersecurity attack. 

The best way to optimize cybersecurity for your company is to rely on the expert services of IT professionals for assistance. A professional IT service provider who can provide you Services and solutions information , or IT services to help you to optimize network security at your business facilities.

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