Does Your Car Need 48-Volt Technology?


If you’ve just finished your California driving school and have been looking at your 12-volt Hybrid with frustration, there might be something going on you don’t realize. When you drive a Hybrid, you should drive it with the confidence (unlike figuring out who should be your driving instructor), but knowing you’re being rewarded for being a good, eco-conscious Samaritan. However, when the feelings of annoyance and irritation persists, you should seek automotive help.

There’s a solution to your constant state of disappointment – that is 48-volt technology. You might be experiencing the craving to upgrade your 12-volt Hybrid with a 48-volt battery engine and just not know it. Below, we’ve listed the warning symptoms of 12-volt frustration to help you know when your car needs 48-volt technology. 

Lack of Performance 

The stop and start system was a fun, unique model to begin with. However, you may have noticed this system can be a drag. That’s common with 12-volt technology. Lack of performance is a warning sign that you should upgrade your hybrid battery. Nobody likes being left with an underwhelming feeling of buying into the Hybrid hype. Now your only regret is selling your torque powered behemoth for a docile compact car.

Upgrading your car to a 48-volt battery will allow that inefficient acceleration model of yesteryears to leave your Hybrid forever. The feeling of regret will dissipate when you have a 25% boost of low end torque pumping through the electrical veins of your car. When switching to 48-volt technology you don’t have to be disappointed by the acceleration of your car. 

Bigger Carbon Footprint 

One symptom of 12-volt technology is a larger carbon footprint. If you’ve noticed your car isn’t as eco-friendly as it should be, you’re driving a 12-volt Hybrid. Hybrids are supposed to empower the driver by being green cars that help you save the planet. The entire purpose of driving a hybrid is the peace of mind… and potentially a tax write-off.

48-volt technology is the solution to your remorseful feeling. You will no longer have to subject yourself to carbon emitting monstrosities, because of your battery. 48-volt technology reduces carbon-dioxide emissions by 25%, when compared to its lesser volt counterparts. It’s 4x the volt with 3/4ths the emissions. 

General Sense of Dread 

If you’ve noticed an impending sense of doom that is eviscerating the joy in your life, you might have a feeling of onset 12-volt technology depression. That or actual depression. In which case you should seek consultation with a doctor.

However, if your general sense of dread is coming from the underwhelming performance of your 12-volt hybrid vehicle, then consider enforcing immediate change in your life. The 12-volt battery doesn’t have to embarrass you when you show it off to your friends. That’s why you should boost yourself with plenty of vitamin C, sunlight, and an upgraded battery engine, so you can kick your onset 12-volt technology depression to the curb. 

Low Fuel Economy and High Fuel Cost 

Having a low fuel economy and a high fuel cost is another symptom of driving a Hybrid with 12-volt technology. We’re no car mechanic, but those two things should be reversed. Frustration is a common feeling when fill up at a high price. If only there was a simple solution to this cost annoying problem. 

Now there is a solution. 48-volt technology will boost fuel efficiency by 15%. You’ll feel like you’re driving a Hybrid when you experience 70% fuel savings at 30% percent of the cost. That’s 100% happiness.

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