Does SEO Matter Today?

A number of businesses and owners wonder today whether search engine optimization or SEO matters anymore these days. Given all the search engine changes regarding the push to regularly updated content, live material, proving evidence of significant networking and linking and backlinking, standard SEO usage and tagging seem to be a thing of the past. In reality, it still matters tremendously and represents a core feature of web design that search engines still look for on a regular basis.

Metacrawling Still Exists

The core function of a search engine, metacrawling, still occurs on a regular basis as search engines are constantly reviewing and cataloging various new websites as well as updating their databases of existing ones by the hour and daily. And within that schema of metacrawling, SEO tagging plays a big part, helping those programs catalog websites quickly as relevant to specific queries and questions. Without SEO meta-tagging, the metacrawling features of search engines would have far less to work with and would likely mislabel a website destination far more often.

Responsive to Analytics

Given the evidence that is available from tools such as Google Analytics, SEO tagging has a direct relationship to the terms and words people use to find information on the Internet. Granted, the dynamics of this behavior have changed a bit given how much mobile search and voice search have now entered the picture, but the function of search is still based on terms and phrases that find the best response with SEO matches.

Critical Services for an Online Presence

Given the above, even if a company needs nothing else with an already existing website, SEO services continue to be the bread and butter that brings traffic to that site on a regular and consistent basis. The fact remains, people use the internet to answer questions and find solutions to needs. That is achieved through input and output, where SEO plays a valuable and responsive role. Without SEO, a site might as well not exist at all. Without directly knowing its address and presence, most traffic will simply never connect with that site except maybe through a viral connection or reference link. With SEO, an entire portion of a viable market that only uses search engines for solutions can be tapped into and served, which in turn creates more relationships to additional market points.

Various SEO providers like Firestarter have the ability to bring a company up to speed quickly with a professional online presence that connects, becomes relevant to the target market desired, and can be easily found. And in a world with thousands of websites, being found easily matters a lot, especially given that e-commerce makes up most of the new revenue today.

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