Common Signs That You Need a New Deck


Having a deck attached to your home provides you with the perfect place for both entertaining friends and relaxing on your own. Many homes and commercial buildings now use elevated decking systems that actually lift that deck higher up off the ground. This brings the flooring up to the same height as your door and allows you to look over your lawn and garden while outside. Depending on the age of the deck and the way it looks, you may consider replacing it, but there are some signs you can look for that indicate you need a new one too.

Weak Railing

One sign that you need a new deck is when you notice issues with the railing around the sides. Most cities and counties have regulations that require you install rails as a way to protect those walking around your deck. This keeps them from falling over the sides. Most railings feature end posts that provide the necessary support. Made from wood, these posts let you slide a PVC or plastic piece over the top to change the look of the posts. If the railing wobbles when you touch it or looks uneven, you may need a new deck.

Wet Spots

The next time that you head outside and walk across your deck, keep an eye out for any spongy parts or areas that feel wet beneath your feet. This can be a sign that the sealant you used when building the deck wore off over time. That sealant keeps the wood safe from environmental damage and keeps water from penetrating deep inside the wood. Any moisture that gets inside can cause the wood to split and crack, which can result in accidents and injuries when you fall through or a guest trips over the broken wood.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is a common problem associated with home and commercial decks that may cause such a big problem that you have no choice but to replace the deck. Dry rot relates to a type of fungi that attacks wood and uses wood as a food source. The fungi can infect your deck from the side of the wood that faces your lawn and slowly works its way through the top. Dry rot significantly weakens the boards used to create the deck flooring and can cause the wood to break and split.

Lack of Structure

You’ll also want to get underneath the deck and take a look at the pedestals or posts used to support the weight of the deck and anything placed on the surface. Termites and other types of insects can feed off those posts and cause significant damage that keeps the posts from supporting the deck. You may notice cracks forming because the wood absorbed water, which caused the posts to swell and break.

Replacing the entire deck lets you protect your family and your visitors. You may need to replace yours because of structural damage that makes the deck fall down or because of water or insect damage that weakens the floorboards. Even if your deck looks good to the untrained eye, it may suffer from damage that you cannot see. Get a quote today to see how much it will cost to replace your deck or to build a new one.

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